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Awesome smell!
by Diane on 1/30/2014
I LOVE this fragrance & my customers love it too but it seizes my soap. I put it in a Cambrian Blue clay batch & it seized but I got it in the molds before it got bad. The 2nd batch seized bad, my bars are ugly but hopefully usable. It could be my fault for adding it before the oil & lye mixture got below 100 degrees.
Smells great but...
by Sara on 12/18/2013
It accelerates trace very quickly. My batter went from light trace to thick and clumpy in less than a minute. If I use it again I won't even worry about adding color, it just didn't give me enough time to add any even though I had wanted to..

Reply from Bramble Berry
I’m sorry to hear that this fragrance did not behave well for you. In our tests with this fragrance, we did experience a small amount of acceleration but no ricing. I will be emailing you personally to try and help you troubleshoot to find out why this might have happened.

by Nicole on 11/13/2013
This scent is perfection. At first sniff (in the bottle) ozone notes hit you which is exactly what something called "ocean rain" should smell like, not weird floral notes. It's quite a manly scent but I'm sure it would work well if paired with a sweeter more feminine oil. I'm currently using this in a perfume oil for myself (diluted of course) and it smells heavenly.
by Kristin on 10/27/2013
Made brother-in-law this soap. He likes strong smelling soap, so I made this with the "strong" amount according to the fragrance calculator. WAY too strong for me, but he liked it. Didn't noticeably accelerate for me and I mixed the pigment in after the FO, in CP Soap.
Great in CP
by Faith on 7/7/2013
I use this fragrance in my Ocean themed bars and have no issues with discoloration or ricing. May trace slightly but still works for in the pot swirls. Love the scent.
Smells Great
by Diane on 7/4/2013
Smells fantastic! My husband loves this, and so do a lot of my friends. The only problem was it accelerated trace and riced and seized like I have never experienced before. I still use it and will continue to in the future. But I have to move very fast after I add to my CP soap recipe.
Accelerates, but smells great!
by Dana on 7/4/2013
On the plus side, this fragrance smells great. It's a strong, masculine fragrance. On the other hand, it accelerated on me like crazy in a recipe I use all the time with no similar issues. It also riced. However, the soap turned out just fine and smells awesome. Just be ready to move quickly if you try it.

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