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Clean Scent
by Becky on 10/20/2015
I loved this scent! I think it has an invigorating clean awakening effect. Wonderful and had no problems with accelerating.
Never Ever Again
by Kathy on 7/5/2015
I am so done with this FO. I only tried it again because I have a customer that loves it and wanted 2 loaves. Next time, I will say, "NO". I feel like I should make this one with blue and green colors, like the ocean, but there is no time to do anything like that. I have had to throw away batches. To make it work, I have to make the layers as separate batches. I will try mixing the FO with oils as I have done with prior misbehaving FOs. What a pain in the butt! It's not worth it.
CP Review
by Hilary on 6/25/2015
I have soaped this fo many many times only because my customers love it. That being said it is such a pain in the rear I'm about to stop using it. It accelerates super fast and then it makes the soap grainy. At one time I was able to have a beautiful smooth soap but I had to baby it. The other issue I am having is that it gives me a headache now. I used to love the fo also but no longer. I hate making soap with this. I actually dread the day I have to make it because of my now chemical sensitivity to it. I was successful at scenting a 5 lb batch of soap with a mere 1.5 ounces of the fragrance, but still the soap almost seized on me. This fo is super super strong, a tiny bit goes a longggg way.
Great Scent
by Stephanie on 5/20/2015
I used this to scent my salt bars I made. It did accelerate my already fast moving recipe but it was manageable enough I got a bit of a swirl in. When freshly unmolded there was a rather medicinal smell but a day later that has mellowed out and now there is a lovely, fresh and clean scent that I really like. The white parts of my soap are still incredibly white (with no additives). Overall a good scent that I would use again.
Smells more like a household cleaner
by Jessica on 5/4/2015
To be fair this is a clean, pleasant smell. Buyer beware however, this smells nothing like an ocean rain. I know the product description states this is not entirely an ocean scent, but I don't think there is anything ocean-like in this product at all. My husband and I both agreed after I used it in my first batch that it reminded us more of Pine-Sol than anything else. It's not a bad smelling batch of soap, but it is not at all what I wanted.
I love this scent
by Jeri on 1/15/2015
I love the scent of Ocean rain . It is a strong scent and dose accelerate . What I did was I mixed my soap up with my stick blender . I then mixed my mica's up . after I had everything ready the last thing I add to the main color was the scent . Now I did not stick blend I mixed it all by hand in to the main color which was Titanium Dioxide . I was able to do a drop swirl with it before it really accelerated on me. I did have some discoloration but I did expect it to happened because I was doing a milk soap not water. I did not mind that it was a yellow I like it just as well as I do any other color. Some times the soap will surprise you in the end you just have to let it do it's own thing even if it's not what you wanted I will post picture when I cut it to my facebook page @ Thelazycandlecompany. Bye for now
I can never keep this in stock!
by Nichole on 8/7/2014
This is one of my favorite fragrances to soap with. It sticks well in CP soap, doesn't discolor (at least that I have noticed) and my customers love it. I have been buying it repeatedly for over three years. The only tricky part is the acceleration of trace. As long as I'm paying attention, it always turns out fine.
wish I'd asked for a sample...
by Marilyn on 7/27/2014
I was hoping for more of a true, salty, ocean rain fragrance. I really don't like this at all. I marched on and made soap with it, trying to cut the smell with some coconut fragrance. I just hope my customers like it.... I had no problem with discoloration. I was prepared for quick trace and stirred quickly. Very quickly! If my daughter likes this, I'll give her what's left in the bottle.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Marilyn! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. If you're looking for ocean scents, you make like Salty Mariner Fragrance Oil, Beach Breezes Fragrance Oil, or Kentish Rain Fragrance Oil.

by Jackie on 6/24/2014
I really like the smell of this one, but I don't think I will be using it again. Yes, it did accelerate trace, but it does state that and I was ready for it. What surprised me was the discoloration. The batter was a beautiful creamy white before I whisked the fragrance in. It seemed fine as I mixed, no obvious discoloration or ricing. But, boy when I sliced the soap, it looked terrible. It was yellow and a terrible texture. The scent is not worth the trouble when there are so many other nice fragrances to choose from.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jackie! I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the smell of this fragrance oil, but sorry to hear that your soap experienced discoloration. In our tests, this fragrance oil did not result in any discoloration, and is what we consider a “Water White Fragrance Oil.” I will be emailing you personally to help troubleshoot why this may have happened to your soap :)

i like it.
by amanda on 6/13/2014
i like it. its a clean scent, but something about this scent reminds me of when i used to work nights at walmart. i cant put my finger on it, but it does smell like something i used to stalk. cleaning product or beauty product i cant remember ( i tried blacking out those awful nights i used to work there) but overall i do like it. its very clean and refreshing. a bit masculine so i prefure to use this soap for my mens lol. but i will order more. i am not sure what phthalates are. gotta google it.
I love the smell but...
by James on 6/10/2014
I soaped with everything at room temperature and my batch went from in the pot swirl consistency to thick concrete mixture in less than a minute. There went my mica oil swirl on top :(

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi James! I'm sorry to hear that this fragrance misbehaved for you. In our tests, we have found this fragrance led to mild acceleration, but we have not experienced seizing. I will be contacting you personally to help troubleshoot why this may have happened to your batch!

Awesome smell!
by Diane on 1/30/2014
I LOVE this fragrance & my customers love it too but it seizes my soap. I put it in a Cambrian Blue clay batch & it seized but I got it in the molds before it got bad. The 2nd batch seized bad, my bars are ugly but hopefully usable. It could be my fault for adding it before the oil & lye mixture got below 100 degrees.
Smells great but...
by Sara on 12/18/2013
It accelerates trace very quickly. My batter went from light trace to thick and clumpy in less than a minute. If I use it again I won't even worry about adding color, it just didn't give me enough time to add any even though I had wanted to..

Reply from Bramble Berry
I’m sorry to hear that this fragrance did not behave well for you. In our tests with this fragrance, we did experience a small amount of acceleration but no ricing. I will be emailing you personally to try and help you troubleshoot to find out why this might have happened.

by Nicole on 11/13/2013
This scent is perfection. At first sniff (in the bottle) ozone notes hit you which is exactly what something called "ocean rain" should smell like, not weird floral notes. It's quite a manly scent but I'm sure it would work well if paired with a sweeter more feminine oil. I'm currently using this in a perfume oil for myself (diluted of course) and it smells heavenly.
by Kristin on 10/27/2013
Made brother-in-law this soap. He likes strong smelling soap, so I made this with the "strong" amount according to the fragrance calculator. WAY too strong for me, but he liked it. Didn't noticeably accelerate for me and I mixed the pigment in after the FO, in CP Soap.
Great in CP
by Faith on 7/7/2013
I use this fragrance in my Ocean themed bars and have no issues with discoloration or ricing. May trace slightly but still works for in the pot swirls. Love the scent.
Smells Great
by Diane on 7/4/2013
Smells fantastic! My husband loves this, and so do a lot of my friends. The only problem was it accelerated trace and riced and seized like I have never experienced before. I still use it and will continue to in the future. But I have to move very fast after I add to my CP soap recipe.
Accelerates, but smells great!
by Dana on 7/4/2013
On the plus side, this fragrance smells great. It's a strong, masculine fragrance. On the other hand, it accelerated on me like crazy in a recipe I use all the time with no similar issues. It also riced. However, the soap turned out just fine and smells awesome. Just be ready to move quickly if you try it.

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