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Mix it up!
by Cid on 4/9/2015
I agree with other reviewers that you've got to give this fragrance some time to show its true nature. I still wasn't impressed, but then I tried it in several blends. In one I used some single-note fruits, and in another I added my favorite green fragrance oils. I tried some combinations of Summer Fling with both fruits and greens. I loved all of them! I make primarily CP soap and lotions, but I think this would be great in linen and room sprays. I do experience some ricing in my soap, but not all the time. I can blend it out.
Absolute Favorite
by Gina on 2/18/2014
This smell is almost exact to an old Smith and Vandiver scent called Water Rituals. I have been holding onto a fragrance oil from that company for over 20 years since it was my all time favorite just to smell it once in a while. When i ordered Summer Fling, it smelled so close like it i threw out that old oil. This sent is so amazing. Its not too perfumey, not too sweet, and although it is feminine, all the guys that smell the soap made from this scent say that its beautiful and they would love it if their wives would use a scent like that in a perfume. If your thinking about buying this scent...stop thinking, and just buy it. You will not be disappointed.
by Diana on 1/30/2014
The Greatest and most popular among family and friends.The description is right on, it smells better with age.
A top seller!
by LuAnn on 12/9/2013
I ordered this one just based on the description. I was pretty new at soap making at that time, so I was a little worried for the design I had in mind. I decided to just go for it, and made a landscape soap. I layered green in the bottom for grass, had already made a sun embed and flower embeds(they all were colored & I made them like snakes like you do with playdough!), then had a nice sky blue and very white soap for clouds. After the green, I pushed in the "flowers" and added a little more green. Then layered on some blue, pushed in the sun, and alternated blue and white to the top of the mold. It didn't excelerate or rice, so I got fluffy looking clouds that did not discolor at all. My customers love it, I HAVE to keep it stocked, all the time, and my family loves it too!
Great scent in MP
by Jeannette on 10/27/2013
Another FO I've been ordering from Bramble Berry since the beginning. It's a great mix of floral and fruit. Both men and women like this one, I suspect because it's really a light and pleasant scent, anchored by the white musk so it's not overpowering on either floral or fruit notes.
by CHERYL on 10/1/2013
This is one of my best seller, It works beautifully in cp soaps, I am able to do multi color swirls without any problems. This has a nice clean scent, many people say it reminds them of fresh laundry.
by Nicole on 9/9/2013
This is such a great FO!! I absolutely LOVE it!! It's not "fruity" nor "flowery" it's the perfect blend so it just appeals to everyone who smells it! Sure to fly off shelves every time I put it out. Congrats BB! Yiz nailed yet another GREAT oil!!
Top Seller
by Norma on 7/18/2013
I love this fragrance I use it in CP soap. I will say you may not be to happy with the scent when you pull it out of the molds but after curing the smell is just wonderful. This is one I will try and keep stock as my summer fragrance.
Very pleasant
by Sandy on 7/18/2013
I have used it in my soy candles and it was very sweet and light, not over powering. I can't wait to use it in my lotion bars. The scent is very sweet and fruity. Excellent for a summer scent.
Remains strong, smells like candy
by bonnie on 7/15/2013
I used this in a batch of hot process soap - added fragrance after heating the soap at 170 degrees for an hour in the oven. At the time, it smelled exactly like Spree candy. Remember that from your childhood? Sweet and tart. It's kind of startlingly saccharine right out of the bottle, but don't worry, the description is accurate: after a couple weeks, the sweet-tartness mellows into an uplifting, juicy fresh-floral-fruit. Yum! One of my FAVORITE scents to date. Definitely will re-order. When you use this in the shower, it smells like you're getting clean. The test batch was colored with light pink and light orange, which I think fits the ending fragrance. Would also work with deep fuchsia, pastel blue, dilute lavender, springtime floral swirls, IMO.
Best Seller, Personal Favorite
by Tanya on 7/10/2013
This is without a doubt, an amazing FO!! It appeals to those who don't like florals and those that don't like fruity scents. For some reason, the blend of the two just works and people are drawn to it. This absolutely accelerates in CP. however, I've still been able to accomplish a 5 color slab mold swirl with it. Just soap it at a super low temp and you're good to go!
Great in Clear MP
by Faith on 7/7/2013
Love this in melt and pour as it does not cloud the clear BB base. Many fragrances will cloud or discolor the clear base over time and this one does not. Great for when you want to create clear soap with themed embeds AND add fragrance. Love that the scent is NOT overly sweet but a bit grounded.
Sticks like glue
by Gretchen on 7/3/2013
I used this in a batch 2 years ago. I have 1 bar left, and the smell is still very strong. Very nice fruity/floral scent.

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