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by Ceara on 3/14/2015
Definitely an earthy yellow color. I think I personally had preconceived notions this would be a bit brighter then it actually was but its still a great colorant that has worked well for me both straight and mixed with titanium dioxide to make pastel shades for m&p.
by Katie on 9/8/2014
I used this in my bergamont/orange soap, and it had a wonderful dark yellow color. I didn't have any of the suggested carrier oils, so I used sunflower oil and it worked great! I also didn't have a hand mixer (will get one in my next order tho) but a blender did the job. Really nice!
GREAT color!
by Carrie on 7/22/2014
This stayed true to color (as picture showed above) and I added it to a purple and white striped soap and no bleeding at all. Mixed up very well with sweet almond oil with just one of the small white scoops I purchased here, no lumps.
Nice earthy, warm yellow
by Angie @ Succulent Soapworks on 9/6/2013
Perfect shade for some of my spicy fall soaps - nice muted shade of warm yellow, beautiful swirled with the brick red shade. Will use this one a lot for autumn!

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