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by Katie on 6/23/2014
This was a perfect light lilac tint to my lavender soap. Make sure you blend this well... is perfect for anyone who wants natural colors!
Light, delicate lavender. Blend with other colorants for deeper purple.
by bonnie on 2/21/2014
Compared with some other oxides, you do need to add more of this to get the desired effect. And no matter how much you add, it won't ever give you a deep purple. I don't consider this to be a "defect" of the oxide -- that's just how it works. But be aware, if you're looking for a wizard-robe purple, choose a different colorant or blend. The pretty lavender color is great for floral scents. I like to use it with sage and white, too. Like the description suggests, you can achieve a vibrant, cool-hued purple in CP soap using this colorant with a little bit of ultramarine blue oxide pigment; it really electrifies it and oomphs up the color! And then to that, you can add tiny amounts of activated charcoal to go into deep-cool-purple territory. I think this combo looks great as a drop swirl within a lighter or uncolored soap.
Nice purple
by Dana on 7/4/2013
I have noticed you have to use more of this colorant to achieve a deeper purple than you do the other oxides. That said, it's very pretty, doesn't fade, and is easy to use in CP soap.

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