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Do not like the shade this time.
by Marilyn on 10/25/2015
Always loved Hydrated Green especially a touch in my Cucumber CP Soap and a little goes a very long way. Purchased 3 recently for a soaping class as the students fell madly in love with it=====But the shade of this batch is disappointing and we do not like. It is more of a "greeny green" than the previous one of the "bluey green". It is sort of a bright green.===WHAT'S UP WITH THE SHADE THIS TIME???.===I want previous shade back or tell me how I can tweek it to get close to the first shade.==You may notice that we live all the way in Trinidad & Tobago, therefore returning this item is not an option.
Great color!
by Cindi on 10/7/2014
Love love this color in CP soap!
Beautiful in clear base
by Bindu on 5/21/2014
Was unimpressed when I saw it in the jar, used it in a pinch when I needed a bright green. Totally different color in the soap, really pretty. Used extra amounts to get a deep color (so far no seepage of color despite BB's caveat). Just ordered more, will be using it often.
Teal is a perfect description of this color!
by Cathie H on 5/2/2014
It is lovely, just what I was looking for. Easy to use - dissolves really well in oil with no lumps at all. Great color even without gel phase - smooth & even!
Beautiful Green
by Diane on 8/1/2013
I had this sitting on my shelf for a long time before I used it. BOY am I sorry I did not use this sooner. What a beautiful....Beautiful...color. Easy to work with in CP.
Versatile Teal
by Dana on 7/4/2013
I use this color a lot. It's easy to work with in CP soap, and it looks very nice in swirls. It doesn't fade.

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