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by Summer on 11/22/2015
These push up tubes worked perfectly with the Lotion Bar kit recipe! Very cute and easy to use. Being that these are push up tubes and not twist tubes, you will need to push the plunger up and hold it there while using it. That's exactly how a push up tube works, there is nothing defective in it's design. Thanks for another fantastic product Brambleberry!
Lotion Bar Tubes
by Dawn on 11/4/2015
Theses tubes are not working for me with the Lotion Bar recipes. I have tried several of your recipes and they continue to slip out. Since I still have about 40 tubes I cannot use, could someone please recommend another product I can use them for?
by MC on 10/13/2015
I have my own face and body product line, and I love the push sticks. Their clear, polished look are perfect for what I carry. No mess, no fuss, cannot live without them!
Customers love the push tube
by Just Lavendar on 10/12/2015
Clear packaging is part of my branding and this tube works well for my balms and now my 911 Butter. Great size for customers trying a product for the first time. Never had them leak.
Fun product
by Dawn on 10/9/2015
I use these with the Lotion Bar Love tutorial, and everyone I have given them to loves them! So cute and easy to use. On occasion, if my recipe has Shea butter that goes grainy, I have popped the entire tube in the microwave and remelted the contents in short bursts, and then popped them in the fridge. Works great!
Love em!
by Holly on 10/8/2015
I absolutely adore the push tubes! Yes my lotion bars at times slip out but it's really not a big deal. They are cute and very professional looking when you shrink wrap them. I will definitely continue to buy them!
perfect size...
by victoria on 10/8/2015
I use for doing deodorants and lotion bars .they easy to fill and easy to use..they do great job little leakage when filling but not really big deal..I may order more
Difficult to use
by Kellie on 9/23/2015
I purchased these for both deodorant and heel balms, and really, it works for neither. These tubes are easy to fill, do not leak and I love the clear tube so you can see the product inside BUT they are just so difficult to use. I couldn't keep the deodorant in place to use it (unless someone else put my deodorant on for me) - it kept sliding back into the tube and my balm did the same thing. They are extremely difficult to use yourself while trying to keep your finger pushing the base up to keep the product in place. Maybe a different formula might work but I think I'll try a different tube instead.
Love these
by Carrie Smith on 9/7/2015
Love these and they are perfect for my lotion bars. :)
works great
by Colleen on 8/23/2015
Love these! Easy to fill and use. Everyone loves how they work and no more hands all over the bar!
Push up tubes
by Julie on 8/23/2015
I use your brand of solid perfume base with these tubes to make a solid lotion bar and I have no problems with them sliding out of the tube. They make a wonderful product and my labels stay on very well. I used a different base that had shea butter in it and my solid lotion bars did slide right out. So I popped them out of the tubes, remelted them and poured the shea butter base into a tin with a lid. No waste of products. I reused the tubes with the BB base and again had no problems! I also think that your tubes are a much higher quality than others that are on the market. I think the problems are all in the recipes used with the tubes.
I like em
by sondra on 8/21/2015
I really like these tubes! I find there is a trick to using them but it is worth it. They are good quality and I don't have to wait to pour my lotion bars in. Add the shrink wrap for these tubes, and it is a very professional looking package.
Mostly Positive
by Michelle on 6/17/2015
I use these tubes for my solid lotions, travel size deodorants, sunscreen, etc. Most of my customers enjoy them though every once in a while you get a batch that doesn't seem to fit as snuggly as others. This tends to make the lotion bar fall out which is obviously an issue since the lotion then gets covered in whatever dirt might be on the floor where it fell. It's all just personal preference when it comes to the customer. I always just make sure they know they are buying a push tube and not a twist tube so they know to be careful when using it. I like these for their price and how easy they are to fill and will continue to purchase them.
by Crystal on 6/17/2015
I seriously love these tubes for everything from lotion bars to deodorants ~ so bummed they've been out of stock for so long.
Very disappointed.
by Regina on 6/10/2015
I am so disappointed about these beautiful push tubes. I was so excited to use these, but the product just falls back down or falls out of tube completely. I feel that I should not have to alter my recipe for the packaging to work right. Great idea, falls short in practical application. It would be great if they twisted up from the bottom instead of having to be pushed.
Love these push-up tubes!
by Shannon on 4/25/2015
Bought these in a box of 10 to try based on mixed reviews, and I could kick myself for not buying more. The clear tubes are perfect and adorable! Yes, you have to hold the bottom while you rub your lotion on your skin, but there is no other slippage or any issues my lotion bar users have reported. My kids even love them. I am using apricot oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and a few drops of essential oil. Thank you for such a fun and easy-to-use container!!
Push Sticks, Personal favorite
by Suzette on 3/11/2015
Yes, they do slip down and the product will come out. I changed the recipe in the kit and love the end result. My customers and I carry many things in our pockets. I like them because you can see what you are getting, and are for personal use if you choose. Great selling point, I do not like sharing my lotion bar with other people(my germs lol). I will purchase more. Thank you.
Deodorant Sticks
by Firefly Creek Soap on 2/22/2015
I just made a wonderful deodorant stick with these that are all natural and I just love these push tubes. They are convenient and crystal clear; I like that you can see the product that is going on your skin and it complements my product completely. I want my customers to see what they are getting. Absolutely great!
A Waste of Money
by Dawn on 1/28/2015
I wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased these ! I was so excited to get these tubes but they are garbage ! Don't mind that the bar falls back down after you use it , it's the whole bar slipping out of the tube that is awful . How can brambleberry still sell these they clearly don't work . I used the reciepe that is for these tubes , I followed it exactly but it DID NOT work , then I tried adjusting the reciepe using more beeswax making the bar harder , that didn't work either , I spent hours trying to get these stupid tubes to work because I wanted to love them !!! But no matter what I did the bar kept slipping out . And every single response from brambleberry about these tubes is the same exact response , that they have found them to work with several other products . How can that be ? I don't see them working any which way ,no matter what's in that tube it's going to slip out . These were a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY , I'm glad I didn't order more than 10 .

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Dawn! I'm so sorry these Push Tubes were not your favorite!  In our tests and recipes we found these work best when your lotion bars have sticky oil like Castor Oil in them.  Castor Oil helps your product to grip to the sides of the Push Tubes which gives them stability during use. Adding more Beeswax can cause the product to shrink more and therefore does not provide the friction necessary to make the tubes work as the product pulls away from the sides. You may like our Standard Deodorant Tubes which twist up the product from the bottom dial.  I see Carla with our customer service team was able to address your issue.  I'm so glad she was able to help you out! Despite the issues some customers have with these Push Tubes, we do have customers that are repeat buyers and love using them for all sorts of projects!  We love to offer options for our customers.

Perfect for my recipes.
by Amanda on 12/28/2014
I'm not sure I understand the hate leveled at these tubes. The twist ones you have to wait for pouring temperatures, etc, and they seep out and make a mess. These? I can pour straight from the microwave. I LOVE them. I make tons of different products in them and everyone really loves the hands free application. My recipe is 40% oils, 30% wax, and 30% butters. Works a charm. Literally every single time. My only wish is for a .5oz version too, so I could make "mini" travel bars to go with the full size ones! (As again, I hate the twist tubes... so messy.)
Lotion Bar slips
by Melissa on 12/14/2014
I would have rated this higher, however I am having trouble with my lotion bars slipping completely out of the containers. My first formulation was 1 part oil, 1 part butter, and 1 part beeswax and that did not work. My attempt: I added slightly less oil, more butter and slightly more beeswax and they still slip completely out. If anyone could help me trouble shoot this, I would appreciate it.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Melissa! I'm sorry those bars are popping out on you. In our tests and recipes, we've found a ratio of 1 part butter, 1 part beeswax and 1 part oil stays in the tubes, as seen in this Bite Me Not Lotion Bar Tutorial. I'll be emailing you personally to help troubleshoot!

LOVE these tubes
by Lori on 11/13/2014
I'm reading all of the negative reviews and have to say I - and my customers - LOVE these tubes. I use them for my moisturizing sticks and when selling I always tell the customer to push up using your thumb and leave your thumb 'in the tube' when applying for added support. Many prefer this to having to use a twist tube. I agree that some of the bars will slip easily but that's because they are a bit too oily - you just have to adjust you recipe. Also, I find that pouring the lotion base at 150/155 degrees is perfect and the sticks set up great. A slight problem I've had lately is some of the tops have arrived cracked. I've not called about this because I've had extra in my supplies - but if/when I run out and it happens I'll let y'all know. Going order some right now!
by Betty on 8/17/2014
I was hesitant to order these because of some of the ratings. But WOW! I am happily shocked! They are amazing. I made diaper cream and wanted the option of a hands free application. They work perfectly. Beyond thrilled and will be ordering a 50 pack asap! Really would like a twist turn though, but these really are amaizng!
The best for lotion
by Diane on 6/11/2014
These are great for my lotion bars. Can't keep in stock. Love them!
Quick question about labeling -
by jeannine on 5/18/2014
Hey all! Anyone successful with a particular-size label for this push stick? I agree that the push stick itself isn't perfect - it is pretty unique, though, and I love the way it looks. Let's see if customers complain! haha :-)

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jeannine! You may find some fun labeling options under our Free Stuff section! :)

how can anyone like these!
by kathleen on 5/18/2014
I just wasted a lot of good ingredients on making a body butter that I poured into these tubes. It would be tolerable if you could push them up and they would hold but the inner tube just slips back down. The worst part is the inner tube of butter falls right out if you tilt them as you would when you apply the butter to the skin. I just don't believe anyone would find this an acceptable or usable tube. When a product gets this many negative reviews and disappoints that many customers; time to unload it.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kathleen! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I’m sorry to hear these push tubes are giving you a little bit of trouble. Our push tubes are designed to be easy to push out with product that is dragging on the sides of the tube. If the recipe has a lot of wax or just shrinks away from the sides – it doesn’t give you enough resistance. I will be emailing you personally to help you troubleshoot. I will be emailing you personally to help resolve this issue!

They are OK
by Amanda on 5/16/2014
I used these for eczema lotion bars for my 2 yr old. I hated them at first. The lotion just popped out and fell every time i tried to use it. Even my sister in law had an accident with it. I did find though that allowing the lotion bar to "cure" for 3 days helped the oils to soak back into the bar and it was less crazy acting. It is a chore to have to keep a finger in the bottom with one hand and hold down a very active 2 yr old with the other and hope it does not pop out. I would much MUCH rather pay a little more for a twist up rather a push up. It would be much easier to wrangle the kid to apply the lotion.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Amanda! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I’m happy to hear that after waiting for your product to set up more, the tubes worked better for you. Thanks for your feedback!

Customer's Love
by Jennifer on 5/4/2014
I use these as lotion sticks that I sell. I have read the other reviews and been very shocked. My customers love these so much I cannot keep them in stock! No one has complained on ease of use or lack there of. While they are not twist tubes and you do have to push with finger while you use, I feel like the product sliding back down keeps it better protected.
Push tubes are awful!
by Anna on 4/15/2014
I ordered the lotion bar kit which came with 10 of these push tubes. I was excited even though all the reviews on these tubes are not favorable. Although they are cute, and the perfect size to throw in your purse, I have to agree with everyone else. These tubes are awful! The tube slides all over the place when turned upside down to use. If not careful the whole thing will slide out and fall on the floor because there is not a stopper or anything to keep it in. Friends, family, customers - none of them like it and all say it is too hard to use. I am just glad that I tried the kit first instead of buying 50 of these like I thought about doing. I hope that you will listen to all the below reviews and stop selling these and offer a product that is much more user friendly.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Anna! We have found these push tubes work great for a wide variety of projects. Because they are push tubes and not twist tubes, they do require you to push them up or down in order to use them. I will be emailing you personally to help you resolve this issue.

What is the trick to these
by Janice on 4/10/2014
Please tell us newbees what the trick is to these. I use the deodorant base in these and they did not even budge. Now after I re-melted than I got one to do it.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Janice! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with these tubes. We have found that they work well for a variety of products, including deodorant. Typically, if the product is not fully set up, it may be difficult to push out so I would give it another few hours and try again. Just in case that doesn’t help, I will be emailing you personally to help you troubleshoot what may be happening.

Best Tubes ever !!
by Linda on 2/25/2014
During the summer months this is one of my have to have staples. I can barley manage to keep then in stock for my deoderants and lotion sticks.
Defective push tubes
by elizabeth on 2/8/2014
OHH MY GOODNESS, THESE ARE THE WORST! I bought 10 of these "push tubes" for my first project in lotion bar making. First off I'd like to say the tutorial in making said lotion bars was way to oily. So I adjusted my bars adding more beeswax etc, after mastering that, I was pretty content with the looks and feel of my product, that is until I sampled one. Tried it out that is. I do this with all of my products before I sell them, and thank GOD I did! These push tubes are so defective I cant believe there still being sold, even after all these reviews.You literally have to hold to push tube piece in place to keep it up, there is no friction for lack of a better word. You push it up, and you have to physically hold it there with your thumb or it falls back down. I could go on and on,but you get the picture, I am not the first to complain of this.There is no need for a reply from Brambleberry, you have been aware of these problems, I was convinced of this after reading the reviews.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Elizabeth, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Because these products are push tubes and not twist tubes, they do require you to push on the bottom to use them. We have found they work great for a wide variety of products. I will be emailing you personally to help resolve this issue.

So Disappointing
by Heather on 1/21/2014
I ordered these and used an entire batch of the deodorant base and no one could get any of these to work! Incredibly hard to get to work. Ive tried contacting them several times to get refunded for my loss of deodorant and time and they will not get back to me. Horrible product and even worse customer service. Very disappointed. Do NOT buy these. Not one of my customers could get them to work and you will have wasted your money with no hope of refund or even response. Ive ordered from them for years and am pretty sad about this.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Heather, I am so very sorry to read you have had such a hard time with these push tubes, and with getting a hold of us. I do sincerely appreciate your feedback and honesty regarding this product, and I will be in touch with you personally to resolve this issue. We are constantly looking for ideas on how to improve our products to better serve our customers, so we appreciate your thoughts!

not loving
by Kristin on 11/14/2013
I wanted to love these because they are so nice looking. They are difficult to use... really easy to push them up to high. When you apply they just push back in and I have to hold my finger inside the tube to prevent this from happening.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kristin! If you are finding that these push tubes don't work as well as you would like, you can always check out our Clear or White Chapstick Tubes to see if they work better for your products! If you let us know what kind of product you are making, we can also recommended other packaging that will work better for you!

Great tubes
by Linda on 9/10/2013
These are the best little tubes for my deoderants and lotion sticks!!! I can barly manage to keep them in stock. I think I am going to have to order a case soon. Just love them !!
by Jo-Ann on 9/5/2013
My tubes are exactly what I need for my exotic oils.Beautiful and pushes out with a light touch. I first used 2oz. twist ups and they used a lot of product in a cheap ( mistaken for deodorant) package. This looks like something you would buy in a high- end esthetic line .
Great Quality and easy to use
by Merryn @ Body by M on 7/16/2013
I have been using these since I started making lotion sticks, they work great. I have not had any issues with them. Mix up your lotion stick recipe, pour, wait for them to cool, label and they are ready to sell. These are a bit seller for me at shows, and I personally can't live without them. They do hold an ounce (more by weight) and are easy for customers to use.
Cute but awkward to use
by Autumn on 7/11/2013
I bought these because i make lotion bars and they are very cute. But when i use them they are awkward to push up and if you push them too much they fall out of the top. I dont think i like them very much. theres nothing to hold the tube in place. :( its too bad because i love the way they look and they would be awesome to put in your purse.

Reply from Bramble Berry
If you are finding that these push tubes don't work as well as you would like, you can always check out our Clear or White Chapstick Tubes. to see if they work better for your products.

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