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Not Sure How To Use This
by JENNIE on 3/3/2015
hi! im new to all of this but i make sugar scrubs and masks for my salon. i was using food coloring to color the scrubs but i figured i'd try the liquid colorant. i bought about 5 colors and im disappointed. maybe im not doing it right? when i drop the color into the scrub, it still clumps and never mixed. please help!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jennie! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this colorant. The Liquid Green Oxide definitely works best in soap projects, as seen in our Juicy Watermelons Slurping up Summer tutorial. To get better results in your scrub you might want to try mixing the liquid color first into just the salt/sugar or just the oils.  This will make it easier to incorporate into the final scrub. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!

Great color.
by Diana on 1/5/2015
I bought this for my M&P soaps. Lovely green in the white base(M&P). This was my second popular soap that I made. And the description is so true no bleeding in soap.
by cathy on 6/2/2014
Came very diluted and did not color my base to the color shown. Not even the liquid itself is this green.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Cathy! I'm sorry to hear you were disappointed in this color. We have always found this colorant to give a nice green hue, as seen in the Rainbow Spheres Tutorial. Sometimes when you receive the bottle, the colorant can move to the bottom, while the glycerin rises to the top. A quick shake of the bottle will help combine them :). I will be contacting you to make sure you received the right product!

Great for CP soap
by Stephanie M on 2/5/2014
I used this I'm my very first batch of CP soap. I was making layers of colors and the green turned out beautiful. It didn't fade, morph or bleed and was very easy to work with. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good basic green color.
Works in M&P
by Jenner on 1/19/2014
I've only tried this in my M&P soap so far, and it works perfectly. I'm curious how much I might need to use per pound in CP soap? Any have usage rates?
by Amanda on 10/19/2013
Will this product bleed in mp soap?

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