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Perfect Vegan Base!!
by Bethany on 3/24/2014
I will NEVER make my own Vegan lip balm base again! This base is fabulous! Its silky and smooth with no aftertaste. The best part is that it is not super waxy like all the others I have tried (including my own)! I love this base!!!
Why Make from Scratch?
by Tiiu on 9/28/2013
I decided to try the Nourish vegan base since I have some vegan customers and it's inconvenient to make two separate recipes from scratch. I made half of the base flavored in Vanilla and the other half Raspberries and Cream. I love using the bag that it comes in - super fast to melt and easy to pour - keeps everything nice and clean. I love this base. Frankly, why make it from scratch anymore when this is just as good? To the woman who found it too soft, why not buy a small amount of candelilla wax, and when this lip balm base is melted, just add in a teaspoon or so of the candelilla pellets and let them melt together to make the base firmer. It would still be so much easier and faster than melting all of the separate ingredients. Thank you for these quick mix products. I never thought I'd use them but now that I see the quality and consistency is just how I would make my products anyway, I may never go back to my recipes!
Pros and Cons
by Destiny on 7/16/2013
Ok. Since discovering what beeswax was and how it was made, I have to admit that it kinda grossed me out. My friend and I wanted to try our hands at some lip-balm making and I chose this base for reasons mentioned above. It feels good on my lips, but it is quite soft and it absorbs into my lips. I feel it only minimally helps my chapped lips even after several uses. Even though it is understandable because this product does not contain beeswax, it would be nice if it was a little harder especially for those of us enduring those scorching southern summers.

Reply from Bramble Berry
If you find that this particular recipe doesn't work the best for you, you can always make your own recipes from the Lip Product Recipes on the Soap Queen blog and substitute Candellila Wax for the Beeswax.

Vegan Lip Balm Base
by Christine on 7/14/2013
My vegan friends & I are in love with this base. I use it for lotion bars and lip balms and love the feel of my skin and lips. Great job Bramble Berry!!

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