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Not bad
by Julie on 11/29/2015
Not my favorite base. I am having a lot of trouble with this one cracking when you push it up in a new tube. I also don't care for the scent of the wax, it's quite strong and hard to cover. I also find it to be a little greasy and heavy feeling on my lips.
Nourish Lip Balm Base
by Jen on 11/23/2015
I can't believe I waited 10 days for my order to get here and then to be so disappointed. I have pieces of styrofoam peanuts attached to everything I ordered, and it made a giant mess trying to get my items out of the box! Who uses these anymore?!? I honestly can't remember the last time I got a package with styrofoam peanuts. What a mess. The packaging for the Nourish Lip Balm Base that you see in the photo is not what you get! It comes in a huge plastic bag that you can pour out of and says it can be microwaved or boiled. That's great, except I was not planning on using this entire bag at once. I thought it was coming in a round, plastic jar as shown in the item photo. I don't know how I"m supposed to get anything out of this bag. It's as hard as a rock and I don't understand how I will be able to portion it out as I need it. I'm going to have to cut it out of the bag and then do what with the rest? How will I store this giant cement block? So frustrated!
Good product, poor packaging design
by Angela on 3/25/2015
Love how smooth this lip balm base is but because of the hassle of getting the product out of the container I don't know if I would purchase it again. In my opinion, packaging it in a jar is a horrible design. Scooping out the amount you need is a messy pain. Other places I've gotten base use a short long rectangular plastic container with straight sides (no shoulders like this jar) that i can just turn over, pop out the base, cut off what i need, and pop the base back into the container. Less mess, hassle and wasted product.
I love this base
by maria on 3/16/2015
I first bought it as a perfume base, but is so wonderful that I ended up making lip balms. Every single person that has used it loves it. Thanks to all the team of bramble berry for offering affordable and easy to use products. Thanks to you my little dream business is growing. and... In saturday I am invited to a TV show because they want to feature my products. Thanks!!
Great Vegan Base!
by Monik on 12/23/2014
I'm new to making lip products but I've tested so many with my line of work (I am a makeup artist)..and from being a woman! This lip balm base is amazing, so smooth ! At first it felt different from my others, but I got used to the texture really fast and kind of got addicted to it. It helped my friend with super cracked lips get smooth lips in literally only a few applications! It's super easy to make your own custom flavours and colors! Thank you for making this step and making it easy for us ! LOVE your products and your customer service!
Good Stuff
by Lia on 11/28/2014
Update from last review. Added a little more oils to my batch and all is well! I can smell the peppermint and wild orange. Whew.
It's ok, but I like the other one better
by Connie on 9/17/2014
Nothing wrong with this one, it's just a little too soft and creamy for me. I like the other one because it's firmer. Personal preference I guess.
by Sarah on 6/11/2014
I for years have sworn by Burts Bees Shimmer in coffee. As a redhead I have been frustrated to find hues suitably flattering for my skin/hair tones. That product fit the bill color and comfort wise but alas, they stopped making it. Somehow I (via pinterest) stumbled across Brambleberry and this AMAZING lip balm base AND the mica colors!!!! BRILLIANT!!!! With ZERO prior experience making anything of this kind I was able to produce a (dare I say) FAR superior product than what I have been using for years. I AM AMAZED!!! Feels great on my lips, the mica colors brick red with a pinch of sienna have produced a GLORIOUS red suitable and even desirable to my eyes! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! Cannot wait to make some more diff flavors (I replicated the mint tinge I love) for my little star child. Altho - she approves of this one too!
It's the way to go
by Jasmine on 5/14/2014
Wow, I must say I love this even more than I do the Beeswax and may end up only using this base. It's perfection, smooth and it's fun to customize it. I love this and I highly recommend everyone to try and my vegan friends/customers love it too ! Thank you for making this it's truly perfection!
Perfect Vegan Base!!
by Bethany on 3/24/2014
I will NEVER make my own Vegan lip balm base again! This base is fabulous! Its silky and smooth with no aftertaste. The best part is that it is not super waxy like all the others I have tried (including my own)! I love this base!!!
Why Make from Scratch?
by Tiiu on 9/28/2013
I decided to try the Nourish vegan base since I have some vegan customers and it's inconvenient to make two separate recipes from scratch. I made half of the base flavored in Vanilla and the other half Raspberries and Cream. I love using the bag that it comes in - super fast to melt and easy to pour - keeps everything nice and clean. I love this base. Frankly, why make it from scratch anymore when this is just as good? To the woman who found it too soft, why not buy a small amount of candelilla wax, and when this lip balm base is melted, just add in a teaspoon or so of the candelilla pellets and let them melt together to make the base firmer. It would still be so much easier and faster than melting all of the separate ingredients. Thank you for these quick mix products. I never thought I'd use them but now that I see the quality and consistency is just how I would make my products anyway, I may never go back to my recipes!
Pros and Cons
by Destiny on 7/16/2013
Ok. Since discovering what beeswax was and how it was made, I have to admit that it kinda grossed me out. My friend and I wanted to try our hands at some lip-balm making and I chose this base for reasons mentioned above. It feels good on my lips, but it is quite soft and it absorbs into my lips. I feel it only minimally helps my chapped lips even after several uses. Even though it is understandable because this product does not contain beeswax, it would be nice if it was a little harder especially for those of us enduring those scorching southern summers.

Reply from Bramble Berry
If you find that this particular recipe doesn't work the best for you, you can always make your own recipes from the Lip Product Recipes on the Soap Queen blog and substitute Candellila Wax for the Beeswax.

Vegan Lip Balm Base
by Christine on 7/14/2013
My vegan friends & I are in love with this base. I use it for lotion bars and lip balms and love the feel of my skin and lips. Great job Bramble Berry!!

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