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It feels good!!
by Hsun Wei on 10/24/2013
It is easy to spread out on my skin and absorb well. I'm wondering if can switch the Avocado butter with shea butter and use the same method to make it cause I still have some left over Shea butter. Thanks!!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hello! We are so happy to hear that you enjoy this recipe and can't wait to see more about your bath & body creations on Bramble Berry's Facebook page. You are in luck, we actually have a very similar recipe that you can work with, called Easy Whipped Shea Butter. In this recipe, you can switch out the Avocado Butter for the Shea Butter and still come out with a delightful finished product. Just be aware that when you change an ingredient in a recipe, that the end consistency will change a tad, but it will still be a very lovely body butter.

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