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Great Choice
by Deborah on 12/22/2014
I am very happy with this choice. Release is a breeze, the size and smoothness is spot on for my purposes. The large bouncy ball mold was on my wish lit to Hubby for Christmas. LIke others I wish there were more to it. With only one mold it's a pain to make up small batches over and over as the soap becomes ready to pop out.
Excellent Mold
by Happy Girl on 11/16/2014
This is an excellent mold. The only thing that could make it better is if it had more cavities to fill. An option of twenty five or 50 cavities would be even better.
Love It
by Sheryl on 10/14/2014
Love this mold. I just wish there were more cavities to fill, and at $9.00 each I'm too cheap to buy more than one, so that is a lot of fill and repeat LOL!
I love this mold!
by Kyra on 4/13/2014
I saw this mold featured in a video on I loved how the balls looked and the size was awesome. I cannot wait to try out my new mold! Thanks!!
One of Bramble Berry's best accent molds!
by Sabrina on 11/15/2013
This is one of those molds that I use very often. The round balls are the perfect size for cherries when making cake/cupcake soaps and I've also used them as "ornaments" in a Christmas soap. They fit perfectly on a 1" bar with just a bit of room to spare on either side. I've used this mold to create glycerin "cherries" on cold process bars and they also hold up perfectly. The top embeds last through the entire duration of the bar! This mold is certainly worth the price and it creates a beautiful product every time. I'm so pleased with this silicone mold that I had to buy a couple more!
by Cheryl on 7/30/2013
perfect for cherries for small cupcake soaps.. easy to pop them out

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