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Perfect drink cubes
by Beverly on 6/22/2014
I purchased this large round mold for soap making, but before making soap I made a batch of round ice cubes. Round ice cubes are supposed to last longer in drinks, even if that isn't true, drinks look nice with round ice; kind of special. This mold also made some nice soap balls, I just have to remember to use sodium lactate or let it harden longer to eliminate finger marks when unmolding.
I love this mold!
by Renee on 1/29/2014
I use it mostly with MP as a decoration on my CP. They turn out wonderfully every time & look adorable! I'm ordering more so I can quickly do enough for 2 batches. I highly recommend these :)
Great to have on hand
by Meagan on 8/19/2013
I made some soap crayons with this mold. It's so easy to use and the soaps popped out cleanly.

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