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Rose Absolute: Rose absolute has a calming floral aroma with sweet overtones and notes of light powder. This essential oil is crucial in the perfume industry and is an ingredient in some of the most expensive perfumes on the market. The most common uses for the delicate oil extracted from rose petals is perfume making and aromatherapy. For special occasions or even day to day use, Rose absolute adds a perfect balance of elegant floral aromas to any blend. other floral; jasmine; sandalwood; amber; bergamot; chamomile; geranium; ylang ylang. This is a pure rose absolute and has been independently tested to confirm purity.

Distillation Method: Solvent Extraction
Origin: Morroco
Botanical name: Rosa Centifolia
Part: Flowering Buds
Edible: No

INCI: Rosa Centifolia Absolute 

Flashpoint: This medium-flashpoint oil (143ºF) will ship FedEx only regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. It cannot be shipped by the USPS.

Photo attribution - ©Can Stock Photo

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