Rose Water Lotion Kit

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Lightweight and incredibly moisturizing, this lotion is made with skin loving ingredients like DL-Panthenol (also known as Pro-Vitamin B5) and Chamomile Extract. The Rose Water gives this lotion an incredibly light floral scent and will leave your skin feeling silky soft!

This kit includes:

This kit is a little different than our other kits in that you can remove or get extra of each item in your shopping cart (and the price will adjust accordingly) before you check out. So you can just get what you need. Also please note that there are no printed instructions included with this kit, learn how to make this soap on the Soap Queen Blog here.


EQUIPMENT PREP: Disinfect your utensils by dipping them in a 5% bleach water solution and allowing to dry. 

ONE: Combine the distilled water, Sodium Lactate and Glycerin in a microwave-safe bowl. Still to combine and then set aside.

TWO: In a second container, combine the Sunflower and Apricot Kernel Oils with the BTMS-50. Stir to combine and then set aside. 

THREE: In a third container, combine Rose Water, Chamomile Extract, DL-Panthenol, Optiphen and Vitamin E oil. You are combining oils and water in this stage, so don't worry when everything don't combine. 

FOUR: Heat the containers with the oils and the distilled water in the microwave on 1 minute bursts until both reach between 150 - 160 degrees F. Do NOT microwave the container with the Rose Water and Optiphen.

FIVE: When the oil and distilled water containers have reached the correct temperate, add the oils to the water and stir continually.

SIX: Once everything is combined, blend the mixture for 60 - 90 seconds, making sure the oils and water are fully combined. Be careful to "burp" your stick blender by tamping it on the bottom of the container to release bubbles. Continue to mix until the mixture drops below 120 degrees F.

SEVEN: When the mixture is 120 degrees F or below, add the rose water container.

EIGHT: Break out the stick blender again and mix for another 60 - 90 seconds. At this point it will be slightly thicker than water.

NINE: When the lotion drops below 110 degrees F, pour it into bottles. Let the bottles sit overnight without a cap. Your lotion is ready to use!

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