Small Nail Polish Bottle, 8ml
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Nail Polish Bottle: Clear glass bottle with a twist top and brush are perfect for your favorite handmade nail polishes.

Tips: In order to keep the brushes from bending during transit, the brush is coated in a light, stiff layer of sealant. In order for these brushes to perform at their best, gently roll the bristles between your fingers until the bristles separate.

The bottle, brush and cap arrive separate. To assemble simply place brush in bottle and firmly twist the cap on. You should feel a little click as the brush snaps into place in the cap.

Click here to check out our suspending nail polish base and information on making handmade nail polish.

Capacity: 8 ml (about 1/4 oz) 

Note: If ordering smaller than case quantities, containers are placed in a paper or plastic bag together before being added to the shipping box and packaged for safe delivery to you.

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