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Join the Soap Crafting Club!

Learn cold process soapmaking techniques from Anne-Marie through custom-made videos and on a private forum where you can ask questions and share your creations with the Soap Queen and fellow students. Due to the personalized, hands-on nature of this club, the number of subscribers will be limited.  Our Summer Club Subscription is filled up!! Watch for our next round of club subscriptions coming soon!

When you purchase a soap crafting club subscription each month you will receive a complete kit of ingredients for one project from the Soap Crafting Book (see list below). This kit includes pre-weighed oils, color, fragrance and the soap mold - you will need to provide distilled water and the tools to make the soap. You will receive one mold in your first shipment that is used for all 3 projects. Shipping is included in the price. You will also have access to a private online classroom where you can post questions to Anne-Marie, watch step-by-step videos demonstrating how to make the soap as well as share images of your soap. 

This club is perfect for beginning soapmakers. Most of the ingredients are pre-measured allowing the student to focus on learning techniques. You can start making soap with only a small investment in tools. The Soap Crafting Club is also ideal for the experienced soapmaker ready to try new techniques and ingredients without investing in full sizes of colorants and herbs.

Please note: You will need to purchase the Soap Crafting book for recipes and instructions, videos and classroom posts are a supplement to the book instructions and recipes.

Tools needed: stick blender, mixing bowl, measuring cup (for water), skewers or chopsticks, card board, spoon or spatula and you will need distilled water. Helpful but not required: 3 plastic pour spout containers and a mini mixer.

Shipping Restrictions: Due to the inclusion of Sodium Hydroxide and low flashpoint oils only customers in the continental 48 states are able to purchase the Soap Crafting Subscription.

Fall 2013 Three Month Subscription:

  • September - Natural Colors Soap with Annatto p. 56
  • October - LabColors Ombre Soap p. 70
  • November -Neon Swirl Soap P. 180
  • Plus! 2 pound wood mold with silicone liner
  • Price Includes Shipping!

Winter 2014 Three Month Subscription:

  • January - Funnel Pour Soap p. 79
  • February - Avocado Moisturizing Soap p.134
  • March - Tie Dye Soap p. 198
  • Plus! 5 lb Wood Mold with Sliding bottom and silicone liner
  • Price Includes Shipping!
  • Note: You will need to provide distilled water and an Avocado

Spring 2014 Three Month Subscription:

  • April - Black & White p.60
  • May - Coffee Grounds p.154
  • June - Wine Twist p. 147
  • Plus! Vertical Wood Mold
  • Price Includes Shipping!
  • Note: You will need to provide distilled water, wine and Coffee Grounds

Summer 2014 Three Month Subscription:

  • July - Oatmeal Layers p.162
  • August - Psychedelic Green Tea p. 172
  • September - Linear Swirl p. 186
  • Plus!  9 bar Birchwood Mold with silicone liner
  • Price Includes Shipping!
  • Note: You will need to provide distilled water and oatmeal
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