Spiral Hands 3D Mold
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grp3DCLRSPHDClear Front
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grp3DWHTSPHDWhite Front
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Spiral Hands 3D Mold

These heavy duty soap molds are of made of white polysterene OPQ and PETG clear plastic. The 3D molds feature a convenient built-in funnel to facilitate filling of the mold, also featured is a precision channel designed to align the two mold halves together, and eliminate leaking. Suitable for both melt and pour soaps and unique Cold Process hand-made soaps.

Two 4" Heavy Duty Rubber Bands are included with each two-part soap mold, which are used to securely hold the mold together during use

Size: 3" x 3" x 1.25"
Cavity Size:
4.5 oz.

Back of Sprial Hands 3D Mold

Back of mold.

Clear front with White back example

example of clear front with white back mold option

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