Tapioca Powder
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Tapioca Starch Powder This modified tapioca starch has been designed to be free-flowing and non-clumping. It is unique because it is aluminum free and because it has been modified with a silicone. It is velvety smooth and imparts a soft after-feel to the skin.

It is great in body powders. If you've been having trouble with your body powders clumping, then this is the product for you. Use it 1:1 with your Arrowroot (or rice flour) to make a wonderfully luxurious body powder or glitter. Add some mica for a fun, sparkling touch.

We also love it in lotions and body butters to make the final product less greasy feeling. We love the light, dry, and silky finish Tapioca Powder gives to our creations.

Botanical Name:  Tapioca Starch Polymethylsilsesquioxane
Common Name:   Tapioca Powder 

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