Vintage Look Soap Kit

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Make your own unique soap with this kit. Make your own custom soap molds from found items - in this example we used an antique key and escutcheon (key hole cover) but you can use any interesting piece of hardware you find. To really make this soap pop you use a dry-brushing technique to bring out all of the details and give it that rustic look. Learn how to do that technique and more in the Soap Queen TV episode below.

Please note: this kit does not include the molds pictured - but instead includes the ingredients you need to mold your own vintage piece of hardware to make your own custom mold.

Kit includes:


This kit is a little different than our other kits in that you can remove or get extra of each item in your shopping cart (and the price will adjust accordingly) before you check out. So you can just get what you need. Also please note that there are no printed instructions included with this kit, learn how to make this soap on the Soap Queen Blog here.

Learn to make this soap from Anne-Marie in this episode of Soap Queen TV


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