Water Soluble Paper
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Water Soluble Paper - Amazing water soluble paper that you can write or print on with an ink jet printer OR laser printer (we've tested them both). Bury messages or images in your clear glycerin soap that can easily be seen. Perfect for wedding favors, presents or promotional products! And once you use the soap and reach the message it dissolves away like magic! This is the same paper that was used on a DIY network show featuring our very own Anne Marie Faiola.

(Sheets are 8.5" x 11")

TIP: This paper ONLY works with top loading printers. Any printers that have a roller that the paper needs to ‘wrap’ around (like a bottom feed printer) do not work optimally with this super thin (think barely thicker than toilet paper) specialty product and risk damaging your printer.

INKJET TIPS: When printing with an inkjet printer we recommend printing the designs a few days in advance and spraying the designs with an aerosol hairspray to help set the ink. Even with these precautions we still find that the design can bleed and migrate in your soap over time.

Watch as Anne-Marie demonstrates how to embed printed Water Soluble Paper in Melt & Pour soap


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