Wu-150 White Cotton Candle Wicks
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Description & Details

WU-150 Cotton Candle Wicks- The WU Cotton wick is a cored candle wick, braided with long strand washed cotton. It exhibits a slightly curled flame profile in combustion thereby minimizing carbon buildup, while still creating a burn pool concentric with the circumference of the candle.

The tight braiding of this wick helps to achieve a precise and consistent metering of the liquid wax regardless of the changing temperatures and viscosities commonly found in container candles. The WU Cotton series can be used in almost all candle applications and formulations where a concentric burn pool is desired.

Every WU cotton core wick is assembled with an identifying colored thread as noted at right. Our customers have appreciated not only the superior burn characteristics of this wick but also the assistance the colored thread provides for identification purposes on the production line. Wicks are 6" long.

Thread Color: White

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