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Ylang Ylang III Essential Oil: This scent has a sweet, deep aroma of sensual flowers. The flower is a small delicate bloom from the Cananga tree native to rainforests. It is known for its ability to lift spirits, promote relaxation and enhance sexuality. Ylang III is considered an aphrodisiac and has a soft, luxurious aroma. It is wonderful in a bath (directly added), a diffuser or even directly sniffed from the bottle to sooth panic, anxiety and calm nerves. Ylang Ylang can also be added to skin toners or hair tonic to help balance oil or dry skin conditions.

Please Note: This oil is 80% Ylang Ylang Essential oil blended with 20% nature identical oils to boost the scent.

Distillation Method: Steam Distilled (triple)
Country of Origin:
Comoro Islands
Botanical Name:
Cananga Odorata var. genuine

Flashpoint: 200°F.

Photo attribution - ©Can Stock Photo

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