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Best mold ever

I just love this mold. It is super sturdy and looks like it will last forever. It's great for those times when I go into a soaping frenzy and need a nice 2 pound loaf sized mold. The only problems I've had are a bit of difficulty removing my soap from the mold. However, I've started to add sodium lactate to everything and put my soap in the freezer for a good thirty minutes. I truly think these molds will last a lot longer than my silicone/wood molds.

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Worst Mold I have ever owned

It bulges in the center and then it will not release the soap from the mold. What a waste of $.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We have not experienced bulging with the 10" Silicone Loaf Mold before. Though because it is silicone it can take longer for your soap to harden and be able to remove from the mold. Using something like Sodium Lactate can help your cold process soap harden faster, making unmolding easier.

Verified Purchase

I have several molds & I decided to try this one & im so glad I did! This is becoming my favorite mold! It’s super sturdy & easy to remove my MP. My daughter is even able to unmold her soaps with ease & it makes her feel so good! Thank you Brambleberry!

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Best mold

Hands-down from the best loaf mold ever. It leaves the loaf smooth and bumps free. Easy to clean. Just do not use scrubby sponges on it, soak it and wipe it with a smooth sponge. We are planning to get some more of these!

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My favorite soap mold

This is by far my favorite soap mold. It's the perfect size for my purposes, the soap always releases well, cleans easily, and it's gradually becoming the only soap mold I use now.