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Very happy with this mold

I've been using this mold for a while now, and it has held up really well. I haven't had any problems with bowing and I don't normally have issues unmolding soap (soap with salt tends to get stuck, but I think that might be the nature of salt in CP soaps!). At this point, I only own one of these, but I will likely invest in a few more in the future. I have a handful of wooden molds, but I love this one for its ease of unmolding.

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Love it!

Very Flexible for release! Makes a very nice bar of soap.

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Should've bought this long ago!

I am a hobbyist. I only make a few batches a year. I have a regular plastic loaf mold that I always line with wax paper to get it to come out clean. Even then I get wrinkles in the paper that transfer to the soap. With this silicone mold it comes out absolutely perfect! I did not experience bowing like the others but I only filled it 3/4 full. I wish I would've bought this a long, long time ago. Makes soaping very easy.

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I LOVE this mold! I wouldn't say it "suffers from extreme bowing" im used to using liners with books stacked on either side so when i finally was able to get this mold i was so excited! it has a SLIGHT curve in the middle which i actually prefer because it helps take out the loaf much faster. If you use the appropriate amount of soap batter at the appropriate consistency/trace then there is not even a slight curve. Even when ive stuffed it with 60 oz or so its still perfect. its also a bit translucent so i can see my actual soap and designs at the bottom stays straight up and perfect compared to regular molds and liners. i dont need a box or liner or books for this mold so for me its easy! cant get more spoiled then that.

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Used these since the beginning, and they are fabulous

I use 4 of these at once to make 36 1-inch bars per batch. I only wish my kitchen counter were larger, I'd do even more! They do suffer from extreme bowing, as others have mentioned. However, to get a perfectly straight bar, I made some wood frames to provide support for each loaf. I love how easy the loaf pops out of these.