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Took Some getting used to

for so many years I've been using wooden loaf molds that have to be lined, and I was ok with it. After watching hours and hours of Soap Queen TV (and totally loving it) I decided to give this mold a try. The first couple batches I tried, I had a hard time getting the soap out, but soon got the knack of it. I now love this mold, and use it almost exclusively.

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Great mold!

I just love this mold. I am ordering more. Easy to remove the soap. I place the mold up side down and push on the bottom after releasing the sides from the soap and the soap loaf comes out easily. Never leave soap loaf for more than 48 hours in silicon mold. If the soap is very soft, put it in the refrigerator for 10-20 min before unmolding it. (Sorry my English is not perfect :) ) Great product.

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Trouble Unmolding

I bought this mold quite a while back and was excited to try it out. Being relatively new to soaping I have tried many different recipes while using this mold. No matter what recipe I try I always have trouble unmolding my soap. It seem fine on top but the sides and bottom will be very soft and squishy even after leaving it in the mold for a week or more. When I use the same recipes in my other loaf mold or my individual cavity molds I don't have this problem and can unmold my soaps after only a day or two. The only reason this mold gets two stars instead of one is because I do like the size and that it holds its shape and doesn't bow out nearly as much as my other loaf mold.

Love this mold!

I absolutely love this mold, so easy to work with! I do not think there is better mold anywhere!

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I've changed my rating

After my original experience with this mold, I made the Alpine soap (the reason I bought this mold in the first place). Unlike the first experience, the soap came out easily and was beautiful and smooth. I will use this for hard soaps.