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I have the worst time with this mold. No matter the recipe, no matter how long I let it sit to harden, I end up butchering the bottom of the loaf when I try to remove it. I only use this one in an emergency. It's a shame, too, because I'd love to have more molds that don't require external support.

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Not Perfect, But Still Our Favorite

This mold is fantastic and we need a dozen more of them, but there is some slight - just slight - bowing on the sides. We're ordering more of them anyways, though, because they're super easy to unmold CP loafs even without sodium lactate

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What a blessing!

Like so many others who have reviewed this mold, I should have bought this a loooonnnngg time ago and saved myself the trouble of lining molds with freezer paper. I love it! I have used it twice now and I think I will buy a few more. Thank you for an awesome product!

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Love it

I have used a Brambleberry mold for a long time, but purchased this one because it has the sectioning tool. I love my original mold, but this one is also great because I can use the tool to easily separate colors with even, clean lines

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12" silicone loaf mold

Just purchased this mold and absolutely love it! The soap (CP) comes out beautifully and I find it doesn't need a wooden mold to be placed in. I think I will purchase another!