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BB sent me this mug as a gift for one of my soaps which was featured as FB photo of the week. This is a generous-sized mug, but fits perfectly in your hand. Just the right size for my tea. Sadly, I suffer from Meniere's Disease, which, among other things, is a balance disorder. During one of my episodes, I managed to break this mug, which is surprising as it's extremely well made. Buy this. You won't be disappointed.

I LOVE this mug!

I got this mug as a gift from BB for going through some soap swap grief and it made me so happy! The customer service is excellent. The mug is a LOT bigger then it looks and has a nice big handle. It is very solid and smooth. Not a flimsy little cup at all! I am thinking of buying 2 more soon. the drawings are also so cute! Thanks BB!