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Great Product. Repeating buyer. Thanks.

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I love this stuff!

It is very strong so a little goes a long way. Smells heavenly in my energizing shower steamers with peppermint and green tea.

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... it's strong!

I created a fragrance oil blend using mainly this oil. I was forced to decant my blend into a couple of glass amber bottles with rubber stoppers after my stick blender died in the middle of the CP soap I was making. Anyway later I kept getting whiffs of orange in my kitchen and couldn't figure from where... I eventually realized I had forgotten one of the bottles between my utensils crocks and it had fallen over... eventually degrading the rubber. I know this isn't scientific proof of the authenticity of this oil but it's a pretty good indicator. I was impressed.... and months later still getting whiffs of orange from my utensils crocks lol I just purchased and received my second bottle for CP soap. It smells heavenly and past soaps I eventually made with the first blend were like bars of "goooood morrrrrning"! This oil made me comfortable with brambleberrys other essentials, so I bought a (big) bottle of lavender 40/42... and I love it too :) already planning another EO order from brambleberry... Thanks guys!

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Such a strong and amazing scent! I can't wait to purchase another bottle!

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not what i thought

I thought this was going to be sickly sweet, its not its beautiful like no orange e/o i've ever smelled its almost exotic wooo BB you just always hit it out of the park!