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Great bars, mold didn't last

I have greatly enjoyed using this mold. It is perfect for testing new scents or recipes, but the silicone tore where the squares come together after just a few uses. I have been making it limp along, I just have to be very careful with it so it doesn't tear more.

No "Burning"

To make a long story short, this mold did not "burn" (disintegrate, pock mark) with a massive overage of lavender essential oil. recommend this product for newbie formulation errors!

Perfect bars!

I love this mold. I have no problems getting my soaps out and the sharp corners were still intact. This is not a thin flimsy mold and held up very well.

Verified Purchase
So easy

I am new to soapmaking and bought this mold because I had such a hard time getting the soap out of a hard plastic mold I bought at a craft store. This mold is so much better! It was so easy to get the soap out and it came out smooth and shiny. Totally worth the money. Will probably purchase another silicone mold now. I also had a problem with scents lingering, but will try the alcohol and baking soda paste. Thanks!

Super Easy

I love this mold! I bought one of these to augment my single 10" Silicone mold and after using it I have bought another. Easy to fill, easy to unmold, easy to clean. I top-rack dishwasher this mold with water only (no detergent biscuit) and it's always shiny and ready for more soap. Thank you BB for great products!