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Wheres customer Service?

Got these molds and had a crease problem with 3. I didn't notice immediately. I emailed company and have not heard a word. I order decent size orders when I make an order. I was contacted by company and they "never" got my original message and they could not find my order (they have my email and name). I get daily excuse emails now. I like the mold when it arrives without damage or someone will actually handle a problem. They removed my original complaint due to tone.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
It sounds like you received some defective molds. It looks like customer service has since been able to make contact with you. I'm glad they were able to help get that issue resolved.

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Really good

I love how smooth the soaps came out, my only concern is that i used bb peppermint essential oil and already washed molds several times but the peppermint smell is still there. I’m about to make lavender soap hoping the peppermint doesn’t leach in 🤔

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Good For Testing

This is a perfect mold for testing colors or scents. It is easy to unmold and produces bars with clean edges. My only minor complaint would be that the sides of the rectangle shape are angled. This makes it difficult to trim the top of the bar.

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Awesome mold

This 12-cavity mold produces really smooth bars and we love it! This mold is perfect when you have some leftovers from other batches, and we recently used it for some whipped rebatch soap, and for some facial bars.

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12 Cavity Rectangle Silicone Mold

This mold is perfect for full size bars and for cutting into sample sized bars, with awesome release! Although family members suggested flater soaps; not sure what that means. Most family members enjoyed the size.