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Great for HP and CP for sure!

Love this mold because it is so easy to clean and store and the soaps pop out easily once they are hardened. I've used it for my hot process soaps and coud unmold them 3 hrs after pouring them. With CP, if I'm careful enough and if they are hard enough, I can easily remove them the next day. Sometimes though, because this is a silicone mold, the bottoms don't dry up as quickly as the tops, so freezing the soaps in the mold is warranted if you dont have the patience to wait for days. What I also find helpful to unmolding CP soaps is to pull the sides away from the soaps as I am waiting for them to harden. It helps to let out some of the trapped moisture. The only request I have is that Brambleberry sell boxes that fit these soaps with a little room for textured tops (I.e. lavender b6ds or rose petals) or without extra room, or both!

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Love it!

Makes a wonderful round soap, nice and flexible for release!

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Love it!

I just bought my 3 & 4th molds. I love the size. I would like a smaller size too. Perhaps a 2 ounce for samples. :)

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I have been relying on molds because I only have experience with M&P (can be tricky to cut) so when I came across this mold, I decided to give it a try in order to have nice uniform bars of M&P. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this mold. It's flexible but stable. None of my soaps are warped or oblong. They are perfect little disks, just as I had hoped they would be. The mold is easy to clean and the soap comes out easily too. I'm satisfied with this purchase and look forward to trying out some other similar molds.

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Just What I needed

This is a nice sturdy mold. I put it on a cookie sheet for extra support, and my m&p bars come out nice and smooth! Thanks BB for reasonably priced mold that works great. :)