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Can you purchase just the wooden mold (without dividers)?

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Love the bar size!

I was hesitant in buying this mold, based upon a few of the reviews. I have had no issues with the inserts at all. The biggest thing I have found is that it takes a little more patience to wait for unmolding. Holding off until 4-5 days to un mold the bars come out easier, and more cleanly. The best thing is the size of these bars. They fit in your hand perfectly and due to the thickness, they seem to last longer than loaf style bars. I've had to adjust my packaging for these, but that's Ok. It allows me to offer more variety to my customers. BB does sell packaging for these if you want it. I would highly recommend this mold!

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Alexandra-Tiny Bubbles Lovable Soaps, LLC
Love it & Easy to use

We started making CP Soaps in May of this year, we had been maing M&P for the past 4 years since we opened. We purchased this mold because it yields more and bigger bars per batch - we read the previous reviews about problems some people had unmolding the soaps with the dividers. Well, as always, if you have a problem, you look for a solution. We poured our mixture in the silicone liner that can be purchased for this mold, we made our swirls and placed the dividers in. We waited 3 days to unmold - we took the liner out of the wood mold with, we unmolded the complete slab on top of the wooden lid that comes with the mold and placed the slab in the freezer with the dividers for 2 hours. We took it out from the freezer, and started separating the soaps from the left end, once these three soaps were separated, we tok out the divider and separated the next three - we worked our way like this until we separated all the soaps. We had no issues of bars sticking nor cracking or loosing pieces - all our bars came out complete. I highly recommend this 18 bar mold, and remember patience is a virtue :)

Love it! Holds a lot more soap than advertised

I love this mold! I think the description should be updated.... it says it holds approximately 6 pounds of soap, but I just made a batch including the silicone lining and dividers that was 9 pounds and it still wasn't full!!

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This mold ROCKS!

I got this mold in yesterday and read the directions about pulling the dividers out. I also read the reviews and many of them were not positive, saying the dividers bowed and their soap came out ripped when they divided the soap. So I was a little nervous to try it. I can attest that this mold is AWESOME. The trick, and what I think other soapers on here aren't doing, is that you need to get the bars to harden up. I use sodium lactate in every loaf I make, and I even water discount 10 percent in addition to that. I put my slab to bed at 7 o'clock last night, and this morning at 5:30 a.m. they came out beautifully! They were nice and hard and I just kinda slid them out of the dividers by gently pushing from the top and sliding them out. VERY AWESOME. The only thing I would say is this: The bar are nice and thick, but they are kind of small compared to my other bars. I wonder if there is another mold that has dividers that make more square-shaped soap? LOVE THIS THING! May invest in the 36-bar mold! Thanks Brambleberry!