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Beautiful mold, small bars

I've used this mold and the 9-bar slab mold many times. It is beautifully made and will no doubt last for years. Which is why I am so disappointed that the bars are so small. The whole point of a slab mold, in my opinion, is that all the drama is on the top face of the bar. So it does not make sense to me that the dividers in this set produce thick bars with a small face, just 2"x3". I have an acrylic slab mold from another company that I do not like as well, but it produces 1" thick bars that are 2.5"x3.5", which is the perfect size to show off my peacock swirls, so that is the slab mold I use most often.

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I love this mold!

I was absolutely in love with my 9 bar mold and was ready to graduate to larger batches of cp soap. I was concerned this mold would somehow not be as good at the 9 bar mold based on the reviews, but this mold is the BOMB! I love it. It is the perfect size, the silicone mold I bought to go with it works great, and my bars turned out perfect. Don't hesitate to get this mold!

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New Favorite!

I loved the mold and the silicone liner. The problem is dividers don't fit properly when the liner is used. It is too loose in the liner without the sides so bars aren't divided completely. The side supports don't fit in liner with or without divider. I thought they were made to use with the liner. Am I doing something wrong?


Can you purchase just the wooden mold (without dividers)?

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Love the bar size!

I was hesitant in buying this mold, based upon a few of the reviews. I have had no issues with the inserts at all. The biggest thing I have found is that it takes a little more patience to wait for unmolding. Holding off until 4-5 days to un mold the bars come out easier, and more cleanly. The best thing is the size of these bars. They fit in your hand perfectly and due to the thickness, they seem to last longer than loaf style bars. I've had to adjust my packaging for these, but that's Ok. It allows me to offer more variety to my customers. BB does sell packaging for these if you want it. I would highly recommend this mold!