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Buyer Beware

I bought this kit from Brambleberry as I wanted to try out their quick mixes. I have used Bramblebrry products in the past with no issues. However, this was not to be the scenario with this kit. Everything was going according to plan up until I added the Rosehip Jasmine FO to the 4 containers of soap. I had immediate acceleration, almost to the point of seizing. Needless to say, trying to do an in the pot swirl with near seized soap is nigh impossible. I did my best to salvage the soap, only time will tell how good my efforts were. I reviewed my soaping session and could find no other source for the acceleration plus the fact the acceleration occured just after adding the FO, leads me to believe the FO is the culprit. The quick mix is really a nice convenience and removed a tedious step in the soaping session. If you do go with this kit, I highly recommend forgoing the rosehip jasmine FO for another scent you knw will not accelerate trace. This is an expensive lesson I just learned

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Bryan! I'm sorry you had that experience! The Rosehip Jasmine Fragrance Oil was reformulated in 2016 to improve its performance in cold process soap so it should not have accelerated on you! Customer service has contacted you to find out more information and to help troubleshoot :-)

4 Color In-The-Pot Swirl

Very easy to make. One of the first soaps I have tried and my kids couldn't believe I made it. I did use a different fragrance and it turned out beautifully. I find I am NOT a patient soaper as I really want to cut it early! My soap looked a bit different which I love because you can use the same process, same colors and depending on how you mix/swirl, you will get a completely different look.