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Trouble Getting the soap out

I just used this for the 2nd time w/ silicone mold and dividers. The first time it was great. I also bought the dividers and this mold and divider system was great. The 2nd time I used it, I could not get the soap and silcone liner to drop out of the mold. The bottom piece as also difficult to slide out. It's as if the wood has expanded. The soap batch broke in half from me trying so hard to get the silicone mold out. It is supposed to drop out of the bottom but it was stuck in there. My wood molds are stored in a clean and dry place so I do not know what happened. I have several wood molds and never had this happen. For something so expensive, I had hoped it would last for years and many soap batches. Very disappointed.

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Best mold ever

Love this mold. Just received my third one last week. This mold is sturdy, easy to work with and makes the perfect sized bar of soap. I have used other molds but this one is by far the best.

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I absolutely love this mold! I was a little apprehensive about making bigger batches of soap, but this mold is amazing! I'm planning on getting another one soon along with more inserts.

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Very pleased!!

Once I got used to how big the mold was I quickly fell in love with it. I finally grew out of my little plastic molds from the craft store and had been looking for something to give my soap a more professional touch and I found it with this mold!! Very easy to use and the liner is a huge timesaver!!!!


I love the size and easy of sliding out the silicone liner for this mold with the removable bottem. I also really like the width and length. My new go-to size for my main line of soaps.