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Love it!!

I was on pins and needles waiting for this mold and it was well worth the wait! I am in love with it! It is so well made and perfect for specific swirls I want to do! This is a winner and keeper!

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I am obsessed with this mold!

I absolutely love this mold. It feels sturdy and well made. I bought it with the silicone liner, and the dividers work well. Definitely throw it in the freezer before unmolding. I love the size of the bars and the possibilities for creative swirling and layering. Thank you, Brambleberry!

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Can't keep my hands off this mold!

Let me get the one imperfection that everyone is mentioning out of the way. Yes, the dividers are a little short and don't quite reach the edges. Having said that, I still love this mold. I had heard it was hard to get the soap out of the mold but read a few people say just give the dividers a quick wipe with mineral oil first and it worked like a charm. This was my first slab mold with dividers and I am very pleased with results for a first use of a new type of mold. It is very solidly made and I hope to get many uses out of it.

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Nyota Ferguson
A must have for a cold process soapers

This mold is a must have for all cold process soapers. It holds a great amount of soap and is easy to use. I highly recommend getting the silicone mold liner - trust me, it will make your life simpler. Here are my recommendations if you are on the fence about the mold: 1. After your fresh batch of soap has set for at least 24 hours, pull up the entire silicone mold (with the soap and dividers) and pop it in the freezer for a few hours. The soap will unmold very easily with nice clean edges. 2. Don't fill the soap to the top. If you leave a little space, you can easily slide out the dividers with needle-nose pliers. It is good to start at the edges. 3. The top does not fit snuggly with the silicone liner. However, don't fret. Simply flip the lid over and it will rest on top nicely. I highly recommend this mold and its definitely my go to mold!

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Great concept but dividers do not stay straight.

I was looking forward to getting this mold and being able to have bars of soap that were the same size. Unfortunately the dividers do not stay straight and result in several misshaped bars of soap. I followed Bramberry's suggestion to boil the dividers for a few minutes in order to bend the dividers back into shape, but it did not help the dividers maintain their shape. I think this is a great concept, but due to the poor design of the dividers I regret the large amount of money that I spent on this mold.