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It was my first time making soap and it was enjoyable to make. The instructions were easy to follow, and the lavender smelt amazing! i did add some food coloring to make it a nice opaque purple color. i would recommend this kit to anyone who is starting out as a beginner. :)

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Need separate reviews for kit & Packaging...

I requested this kit for my granddaughter, thinking it was the next skill after M&P she might want to try, before learning CP soap. When the kit arrived on my porch,it smelled wonderfully, and I saw a stain on the outside of the box. The small bottle of fragrance included with the kit had leaked, the tape around the bottle top was all gummy & loose; and there was only about 1/4 of the kit's fragrance left. I wiped off the kit's contents with baby wipes,and removed the portion of that combined order, that was mine. Then I replaced the kit's fragrance bottle with 4 of my own BB samples,as I was afraid to put the leaking bottle back into the kit. I repackaged everything and sent it to my granddaughter's place up in WA, and I hope she likes it, even if the fragrances I included are not as nice the original fragrance. I won't know for sure until after Xmas. This kit probably rates 5 stars, as I'm sure it was all there, but I had to take off 1 star, for having to re-box & replace fragrance. Still, I think it's a lovely gift and will give my grand-daughter something to look forward to after the holidays, when there's nothing to do.

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I made this a couple of days ago and I am in love!! Lathers beautifully and love the blue color included. Easy to make and the Apricot scent is to die for. I will be purchasing more of this.

I liked it!

I'm a melt and pour kind of gal but lately, I have gotten interested in the CP soap making process and after searching BB, I found this rebatch soap kit. I liked it for two reasons, one I didn't have to deal with lye and two, I had two different types of rebatch to play with plus the other goodies. Well, I made both soaps and needless to say, for my first time I think I did ok. Everything was easy to work with and the directions were great and I loved the video too. I'm letting my soap cure now and can't wait to try it. I'm going to try the other rebatch soaps and hopefully improve as time goes on. Thank you BB for a great product, I absolutely love your stuff!

Glad this video was posted

I haven't been "making" soap for long, only a few months. I started off with melt and pour and have been toying with the idea of using rebatch soap. This video has given me the confidence to try it. Thanks!!