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bath water colour

Do all these colorants turn the water the colour of that dye??

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Product speckled really bad for me. I tried many ways to add colorant but still speckles. I also felt like I had to add a ton to get the true color. I have used other colors ya that are way better but just mix well into other colors but had no speckles. I sadly don't want to try the other colors to avoid wasn't product. Best was Cornflower blue and worst so far is midnightblue, turn ugly grey.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Laura! I'm sorry these La Bomb Colors didn't work well for you. The La Bombs can be a little be tricky to use! The best way to blend them into your bath bomb mixture is to rub the mixture with the color quickly between your palms. This way the heat from the friction of your hands warms the glycerin a bit. You can also give the thicker colors a hot water bath so that the color is more fluid. As for the color, you would have to use a lot to get a saturated color. You can also use micas to color your bath bombs! To see other coloring techniques to help get brighter colors in your bombs check out the Midas Touch Bath Bombs and Painted Berry Bath Bomb tutorials.

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I love using these in my bath bombs!! I just recieved my 2nd order of them, and I was putting them away. For the price, I was really upset to notice that you only get a little over half a bottle of colorant!!! This is the second time I have ordered the 12 pack and never noticed it until now.. Considering the 12 packs are almost $50, is there any way of getting full bottles in the future? The colors are really pretty, but if they only come half full I think I will be buying another colorant next time instead of these.. Definitely not cost effective for a business..

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Love it!

I just love the set of 12 colors. I have made over 10 dozen bath bomb cupcakes and still have plenty of these colors left to keep making more. this is a perfect set for those that are just beginning and need to stock up on a variety of colors. The dropper bottle makes it so easy to dispense, especially when you hands are a mess! What can I say, I like to get into my work.

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I ordered rosey pink last year and a few more a couple moths ago. They work great. I never have a problem with staining or leaving speckles of color because I add the dye with my wet ingredients. Finally decided to buy the kit of every color. Can't wait to use them