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I use in place of water in lotions, my facial cleansers, and in making bath bombs

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Game changer!!!

My goodness is this some good stuff!! What i mean by game changer is before i wasnt really into aloe liquid, thinking it wasnt as good and always bought the more expensive gel form. But let me just say that all of my needs have been met with this aloe liquid! I make a toner (youll probably see me talk about this one a lot) and i use this along w rose hydrosol, and a few other ess.waters from BB along with their witch hazel and it is like a miracle in a bottle! I also make a facial mist w/ this and other ess.waters and use daily with the toner. I rexently gave this to my mother to use and she called me the next day raving about the wonderful magic of this stuff. You wont regret buying this! Also, use this toner as the wetting agent for your clay masks! Its amazing as well! I need to just but the big buckets of this...lolI think ive added this to my last thousand orders! Lol i find myself a little BB crazed and cant stop looking thru ING they have, then getting inspired to make something and then ordering, and im pretty sure my mind forgets to add things on purpose because then i "have" to come back to order


Great product. When using in lotions and body can the aloe liquid replace any of the e-wax or stearic acid used?

Natasha Bazzo
Melt and Pour

Can this product be used in melt and pour soaps? I am concerned with the after wash feel that bar soaps have (not feeling moisturized) and I am very new to soap making. I am going to purchase the organic melt and pour base. Is that base alone moisturizing enough or is an Aloe additive a good idea? Thank you!

I have had this sitting in my cart....

But, I have not purchased yet because I'm not sure if it would tend to make Cold Process Soap go rancid? I see quite a few folks saying they would need a preservative for their other liquid body products, is it stable without a preservative when used for the water portion for cold process soap making? Are there any other "known" issues with it? Does it accelerate trace or cause weird funky colors or smells?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kendra! You can definitely use our Aloe Vera Liquid as your water amount in cold process soap without the soap going rancid. Because of CP's high pH it does not allow for the growth of bacteria, making a preservative unneeded. To find out more about preservatives and when to use them check out our Talk It Out Tuesday: Preservatives blog post. Aloe Vera Liquid behaves beautifully in CP and shouldn't give you any problems. Though, we do recommend chilling the liquid before soaping with it. See an example of this in our Defying the Rules of Soapmaking: 100% Coconut Oil Soap with Aloe Vera and a Mantra Swirl.