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Bulk base great savings

I love using this base in our foundation product. Easily melted and takes oil EO and hard oils well. Sets up quickly. Will repeat purchase and recommend to others. Stable long lasting lather without leaving your skin dry and tight. A staple in will always purchase from brambleberry.

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Propylene Glycol???

When did propylene glycol become part of the ingredients list? Now I'm not so thrilled about this soap anymore. Still feels nice but another added chemical to a MP base that was the most natural I've seen...ugh.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Carolyn! There has always been propylene glycol in the base. In the past, SFIC determined it was a processing aid and therefore did not need ingredient listing. SFIC is committed to integrity and transparency in ingredient labeling and has decided to disclose the propylene glycol as an ingredient on the label to be with in full letter and spirit of compliance of the law. When SFIC made this change, we did too! As some people object to this derivation of chemicals, the propylene glycol used in our premium “as natural as we can make it” soap base is made entirely from vegetable glycerin, a wholly biodegradable and renewable material. If you're still not comfortable with that ingredient, we are currently testing a PG free base. If it does well in testing we will look at bringing it in. :)

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Excellent moisturizing base

This is my fav SFIC base (I've tried clear, cocoa, shea, OO, castile, shaving, LCP). Leaves my skin so soft and lathers great!

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Did something change??

I have been using this base for a while now and truly like it. However did something change or did i misread, when did Propolyne Glycol become part of the ingredients?

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Gentle on the skin . Love it !!!! Easy to work with, holds fragrance , and moisturizer my dry skin .