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Works well in my men's melt and pour

I used this in my "Boy Smell" melt and pour soap. I use is in the clear section and its a very cool blue, almost black and clear swirl. Paired with a dark colored and activated charcoal side, is popular with more masculine scents.

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silly me!

Like Rhonda, I forgot about the CP warning. I wanted a dark blue, light blue, white and black swirl. I got a black, white, and light and dark grey swirl. I haven't cut the soap yet, but it looks like it's going to be really nice in spite of my mistake! I'll have to try it in M & P. The color is quite stunning!

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Beautiful colors!

I have only used the Antique Blue Mica in melt & pour soaps, but in the clear m&p it comes out a beautiful, sparkly dark blue and in the Goat's Milk m&p it comes out as a rich, medium slate blue. I made up 4 men's shaving kits using this color including clear base shaving pucks and goat's milk body soaps - all 4 men commented favorably on both colors. Very masculine-looking in the kits they got. When I run out I'll definitely be buying more! :)

Pay attention to the color warning.

This color does turn grey in cold process soap. I completely forgot it does. Thank goodness I was using Shave & a Haircut fragrance. Its a great grey in cold process and a beautiful blue in melt & pour. Going to order more for Bubble bars.