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My all-time favorite BB mica!!

In CP soap, it is beautiful all by itself, and gorgeous mixed with Merlot Sparkle Mica! I hope you can get this back in stock soon, it has been out for so long, and I am down to my last half teaspoon.

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Great color for lip balms and lip sticks!

I love, love, love this color for lip balms. So natural and beautiful. Definitely one of my staples!

Apricot Blush

I tried his color in my CP (room temp.) and it completely disappear! I bought the sample pack "bright and pastel"... the other colors, I have no problem... I'll try this in 35*c if it'll do the trick...

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Belinda! I’m sorry to hear this color was not as strong as you were wanting! Some colorants require you to use a little more to achieve a vibrant color when used in cold process. In our tests, we found that 1 tsp. per pound of cold process soap gave a nice, rich apricot color.

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Wish it had a review

I used this color mica in a loaf of cp dreamsicle soap. The color completely disappeared. Very sad and cost me money too.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Sara! Some micas are not going to shimmer as much in cold process soap, so you will want to do small test batches if you have never used the colorant before. We actually did some testing and found that 1 teaspoon per pound of cold process soap actually give it a nice and warm apricot color.