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Colors are very weak!

We purchased the small set to try them out in bath bombs. I diluted them as the directions stated (1 bottle to 4 ozs water) and the colors are not very strong. On a small batch of bath bombs my daughter put over 60 drops of melon red color and it barely made the bombs a light pink. You have to add so much that it starts to activate the mix. I still have some that are not mixed and I will try to dilute it in 2 ozs water to see if that helps. Honestly we were getting better results with food color. Everything else we purchased was fabulous but these colors need improvement.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We don't recommend using the LabColors in bath bombs since they are made with water and cause your bath bombs to activate early. For a liquid color in bath bombs we recommend using the La Bomb colorants, found in our In-Bath Colorants section. Though it can be tricky to get bright colors in a bath bomb since you are starting with a white mixture. Find out more information in our Bath Bomb Questions & Answers blog post.