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This essential oil smells very strong of Thai Basil. It smells nothing like the basil used in Italian recipes that most of us are familiar. I made the mistake of using it in a large batch and I have 40 bars I'm unable to sell :-(

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Paige! Our essential oils are 100% pure and undiluted so they are very concentrated smelling. That means that something like a Basil Essential Oil (basically the concentrated essence of basil) will smell stronger and spicier than the herb leaves you're used to work with in the kitchen. Once the product has been diluted in your soap and had a chance to cure the full 6 weeks the scent should definitely mellow out.

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smells like licorice

I love the smell of basil and anything herbal but this just smelled like licorice to me. Did not remind me of basil at all. Anyway, I ordered 8 new scents and this was the only one I didn't love - will try combine it with the tomato leaf (which is awesome!) and see what happens. Kudos to brambleberry for their packaging - I had a large order with lots of bottles and everything was packed with great care.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Linda! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this oil. We love our Basil, Pure Essential Oil, though you're right, it's definitely more of a licorice-type basil. If you're looking for more herbal scents you may like Rosemary Essential Oil, Sunny Herb Garden Fragrance Oil, or Chamomile Cybilla Fragrance Oil.

Love This!

I received this EO as a sample in an order. I tried it in a batch of CP that included Tea Tree EO, Spearmint EO and Cornmint EO. It was devine and will include a bottle on my next order.

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Definite Licorice-Basil Scent but I LOVE it

I think this EO is great, as long as you know to expect a strong licorice like scent aka camphorous smelling. If you have ever grown your own basil you know that certain types have this strong licorice smell, like Thai basil. I mixed my basil with over double the amount of lavender 42/40 and the basil overpowers the lavender. It only take a small amount! In a 60 oz batch I used 1oz basil and 2.5 lavender. Next time I think I will try .5 basil and 2.5-3 lavender. I tried to use brambleberry's fragrance calculator, but could not find basil listed :( I looked under Pure and Basil. Oh well, I cannot expect brambleberry to do everything for me, right?! :)

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This stuff stinks!

I grow my own fresh basil and this smells nothing like basil..... horrible licorice scent.... made one batch and everybody asked why the house smells of licorice! Now I have this huge bottle of stinky oil that I have no use for! Shame you don't take returns on this stuff...eeeewww

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Lisa! I'm sorry you received a scent you were not expecting.  We love the herbaceous smell of the Pure Basil Essential Oil, though it is slightly camphorous which can be surprising.  It's also great for blending as seen in the Circle Swirled Soap in Column Mold tutorial! I will email you personally to discuss this further.