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Clumpy but pretty

Perhaps I did not add enough bee pollen to my clear MP, but instead of orange, it gives off and incredibly vibrant, bright lemon yellow instead! It looks delightful! The bag is super clumpy though, so i need to break apart all the little bits before using every single time. Quite frustrating, but visually appealing results.

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Looks amazing

In my honey melt in pour from bramble berry looked amazing! Adds an amazing look with minimal effort. Love bigger clumps that stick together to stand out even more. I think I love it even more in solid white soap. 100% recommend

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Awesome Customer Service

Update: I made a soap with the bee pollen, honey, and a touch of annotto seed oil. The soap came out a beautiful golden color that was a bit reminiscent of bit-o-honey candies. I love the bee pollen. I just ordered this product and haven't even received it yet. But I wanted to thank Bramble Berry for their excellent customer service. I very excited to get this product and will definitely update my review. Thank you Bramble Berry.