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Angel L Sanders
haven't used

Was wondering if this is ok to use in bath bombs. trying to make my Oh My Goth Becky bath bomb and can't seem to find anything that'll make it black

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Perfect in CP After Curing, Nice in Clear MP

This one made me nervous at first with an ugly shade of gray, but 4 weeks of curing later, it looks great. I dispersed 2 tsp in 2 tbsp of sweet almond oil for a 3 lb batch of CP. My husband dispersed a tiny bit in some rubbing alcohol for one of his MP projects

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Black Oxide Pigment

I made some gorgeous bars of melt and pour soap last night using white and this black pigment. The bars turned out beautiful with the tops being lumpy as I wanted them to be and the black scattered throughout the soap - the bottom of the soap is solid black. GROAN! The black on the bottom of the soap rubs off on my hands - it's almost like rubbing a magic marker on my hand. It's only been "cured" for 24 hours now - but will it stop rubbing off? Is there anything with which I can treat it to stop it from rubbing off? The soap is just too beautiful to scrap and I hope there is a way to fix this! HELP!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Sara! I'm so glad your soap turned out so beautiful using this Black Oxide Pigment!  Though, I'm sorry i's rubbing off onto your hands so much.  In our tests and recipes we found 1/16-1/8 tsp per pound of melt and pour soap colored the soap perfectly without washing off onto our skin or washcloths.  When a soap is colored in high concentration the colorant can definitely run off the soap!  You can always melt down your soap and add more uncolored base to keep this from happening.  I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!


I haven't tried this yet, but can this or the liquid black oxide pigment make a true black lotion? or any other pigments that will make a bright colorful lotion that is not pastel?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Denny!  Even this Black Oxide Pigment would not be able to get you a true black lotion.  Because of the emulsification in lotion it is naturally white so any color you use would be mixing with white, lightening the color.  Also, micas and pigments tend to settle to the bottom of lotions over time unless they are super thick.  For this reason we usually recommend LabColors to color your lotion, as shown in the Argan & Shea Lotion tutorial.  I will email you personally to discuss this further!

Looks better the longer it cured

I used the amount recommended with my 2 lb mold and at first I didn't think it would be enough (I looked grayish) and even after I cut it, it seem lighter then what I hoped for. Now a week afterward it actually looks black again. I made a black and white (licorice scented) soap so I'm sure happy it looks black again. I did use my sample bar and washed my hands with it. Noticed the bubbles were a little grey but it did not stain my cloth at all. Would buy again!