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Love the scent

Bought it based on the description. When I got it and smelled it from the bottle I hated it and wasn't going to make soap with it. I let my son smell it and he loved it so I thought I would give it a chance. My customers LOVED it. My daughter is getting married and out of all (25+) fragrances I use, she picked this one as one of 2 for her wedding favors. I will uely buy ti again!!!!

Verified Purchase
Everybody loved the fragrance

I used it in cold process soap and everybody loved the smell!

Verified Purchase
I like it!

I just made two melt and pour soaps with this and I like it so far! My husband actually suggested this fragrance for the design I did (white goat's milk base, using activated charcoal to make a gradient). So far, after a few days, it has not discolored at all. I wanted to try this fragrance and see what it looked like...

Verified Purchase
Blue man

Oh my goodness. Did NOT expect to love this so much. I bought 2 oz based on positive reviews. I tend to migrate towards masculine scents as well. When I opened the bottle I wasn't sure. I just made a batch of CP soap and am completely smitten. I can't stop going to sneak a smell of it on the rack. I will def be coming back for more!

Verified Purchase
One of my Favorites!

I love the Blue Man FO. I loved it when I first opened the bottle but it's better in CP soap. It behaved very well and did not accelerate at all. Soap has been curing for about 2 weeks now and it smells fantastic. I have to go in there several times a day and smell it because I can't get enough of it. I don't think this scent if just for men. I find it to be unisex.