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Behaves beautifully in CP

Great to find a vanilla-y FO that doesn't accelerate or turn dark brown. Sweeter from the bottle but more complex in soap. Love it!

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It is truly a keeper and get another one. The scent so far in CP is about 4-5 months out and gets sweeter and better all the time. Everyone who smells it is intrigued and loves it. Thank you ffor your fine products and service.

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A 20+++

If I could dive into a pool of this I would! I made this up as my first Boy- D Butter and everyone LOVES it!!! Make my son's shower gel out of this and can't wait to get into the bathroom after he gets out. Sometimes I even wear it! This is the most amazing scent ever! I know I am gushing but seriously-- a WINNER!!!!

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Nice all-around scent

Sniffing the bottle, I got a lot of sweet, wasn't sure how this would play out, but in CP soap it displays a lot more complexity and depth. I like this one a lot. Didn't notice any acceleration.

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Great unisex fragrance

I purchased this fragrance based on other reviews and so glad I did. It was strong OOB and my husband and son both turned their noses up at it, but I made in in deodorant and CP soap with 2:1 Blue Man and Sunny Herb Garden and everyone loved it! Men, women and even my 11 yo son thought it was great. It's a winner with everyone!