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I like it!

I just made two melt and pour soaps with this and I like it so far! My husband actually suggested this fragrance for the design I did (white goat's milk base, using activated charcoal to make a gradient). So far, after a few days, it has not discolored at all. I wanted to try this fragrance and see what it looked like...

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Blue man

Oh my goodness. Did NOT expect to love this so much. I bought 2 oz based on positive reviews. I tend to migrate towards masculine scents as well. When I opened the bottle I wasn't sure. I just made a batch of CP soap and am completely smitten. I can't stop going to sneak a smell of it on the rack. I will def be coming back for more!

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One of my Favorites!

I love the Blue Man FO. I loved it when I first opened the bottle but it's better in CP soap. It behaved very well and did not accelerate at all. Soap has been curing for about 2 weeks now and it smells fantastic. I have to go in there several times a day and smell it because I can't get enough of it. I don't think this scent if just for men. I find it to be unisex.

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What'sthe shelf life before fragrance fades?

Oh heck let's try this again. Blue man has been my number one man selling bar since I started using it a couple of years ago. last fall I started using yalls Tobacco & Bay Leaf and it's been a huge hit. This has cut down on my normal sales of blue man. So a few days ago I pulled out my blue man fragrance purchased on November 11th. As I went to measure out the fragrance I was noticing that I could barely smell it at all. However I soaped on being that I had just completed a batchof pink salt and water Lilly (a strong scent) assuming my nose was just off. Today I cut the loafs. I can barely smell anything! 33bars made in my triple tall and skinny and I can't sell these bars this way😭. I don't understand this being 1/3 of my fragrance come from bramblberry and I rate them my absolute favorite company!!! I've never had a bottle of fragrance fade so much ever!!! So sad!!! So much wasted product. And NO it's not the wrong fragrance. I made soap out of the same bottle in December. It smells just as it should just very very faint!!!!!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mindy! I'm glad the Blue Man Fragrance Oil has been such a hit for you! Though I'm sorry you found it to fade. We've found this scent sticks well in cold process soap and the fragrance oil itself should not start to fade or morph until at least a year after purchase. For tips on how to prevent that in the future check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot :-)

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Best Seller

My customers love this scent! It sells so fast, I have a hard time keeping it stocked! Absolutely love it.