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Really Pretty

I enjoyed this sample pack purchase. I loved all the colors, there was a good amount of color in each packet and the spectrum of colors was nice. I used the ones safe for lips in lip balms, used nearly all in HP soap (only kind I make) and in body butters & scrubs.

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Such pretty colors for a variety of uses

I've seen other reviews stating some of the micas aren't for use in CP soaps; however, the variety of colors and applications in the sampler are a great way to play with micas and colorants in a variety of uses. Definitely a great value for the money!

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Not for CP

I think it should definitely be stated in the description that these are NOT for CP. Most of your items say what they will and will not work with, I was very sad to discover these were not CP friendly.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Melissa! We don't have a note saying these colors are not for cold process soap because many of them are! Our Aqua Pearl Mica, Blue Mica - Cellini Lip Safe, and Yellow Lip Safe Mica are especially awesome in CP! Though there are many micas that do not work in cold process because they morph. A good rule of thumb is mica that use oxides to get their color work best in cold process. You can also just check the mica description, we will always leave a note if it won't work in CP. For the micas that do morph, you can still use them to spice up your cold process soap recipes. Use them to top your soap with sparkles, create a fun pencil line, or stamp your soap with shimmer. I will email you personally to talk more about these techniques!

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Not the best samples for CP

As a new soaper I was looking for a sample pack of mica colorant that I could use while learning the exciting craft of cp soaps. I was sad to learn that many of the micas in the sample pack are either not recommended for CP soap or will morph during the process. I will be able to use them in my lotions and body scrubs, just disappointed that many of them I can't use in my soap :(

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jenny! I'm sorry you were disappointed that the colorants in our Brights and pastel Micas Sampler Pack are not recommended for cold process soap making. Many micas will either morph or fade in CP soap and the shimmer does not come through as CP soap batter is opaque. For another powdered colorant that will work perfect in your cold process soap trying using our Oxide Pigments. For more on our different colorants and when to use them check out our Talk it Out Tuesday: Colorants blog post. To get use out of these micas in your cold process try topping your bars with mica, making a mica pencil line, or stamping your soap with some shimmer. See examples of these techniques in the Soap Challenge: Mica Topped Cold Process, Soap Challenge: Elemental Swirl, and How to Stamp Soap on Soap Queen TV blog posts. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

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Kelley White-Ricks
Great way to become familiar with Micas

I was wholly unfamiliar with working with mica, I have customers who want wholly organic soaps, so I wanted to explore color options. This is a great value for the samples you receive...a little mica goes a long way depending upon the effect you are looking for. I bought my sample pack over two years ago, I still have some of a few colors. It also let me determine what colors I actually wanted to invest in. I use different techniques of adding it to melt and pour base depending on the effect I am going for. Highly recommend this if you want to try Mica.