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I ruined several bars of CP soap trying to use this mold since it would not release cleanly. I tried waiting a long time (once 4 days); I tried putting the soap in the freezer ... still no clean release. Finally I tried coating the mold with a little olive oil and 'ta da' ... clean release after 24 hours -- no freezer needed. I used a cosmetic sponge with a little olive oil and coated the entire mold. As others have noted, there is a small amount of leaking around the edges, but for me anyway, not enough to ruin the bar. I have another of the 3-D molds so I'll try the olive oil on it as well and hopefully will have the same results.

Soap on a Rope Molds leak

I have 5 of these - 2 of which that leak no matter what we do, 1 the drips and 2 that don't leak at all. Very frustrating to waste soap just to come back and see that it has leaked out all over my workspace. We have tried everything to prevent the leaking and nothing works. Bummed because I like the end result soaps, but it takes forever if I can only make 2-3 at a time.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Holly! I'm sorry these molds weren't your favorite. In our tests and recipes, we've found the 3D molds and rubber bands create a tight seal, as seen in this Pumpkin Soap on a Rope Tutorial. The molds you received may not be working correctly. I'll be emailing you personally to resolve this.

Don't buy this!

I bought four 3D Soap on a Rope molds. Two clear front, two white front and back. The edges of every single mold snapped off leaving sharp jagged edges that cut my hands. The molds leak even when secured properly. Since I already spent my money on this junk, I will try a third time to see if I can make at least one good bar of soap. If you choose to purchase one of these molds, just buy ONE and see how it goes ....

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Elaine! I'm sorry this product wasn't your favorite. We've found they're pretty sturdy and have a tight seal, as seen in this 3D Psychadelic Double Pour Swirl. I'll be emailing you personally to help resolve this issue!