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Huy Nguyen
Good price but not the best quality

The pump leaks. Do NOT use this pump for your water products such as toner and watery facial cleanser. When the pump is locked, it's fine but as soon as it is opened (raised), it leaks

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Huy! I'm sorry these bottles were not what you were expecting. Though the pump tops are meant to be used with thicker products, like lotion or liquid soap. For thinner water products like toner we would recommend using the Brushed Aluminum Bottles with Spray Top.

Verified Purchase
Best Around

At first, I ordered a slew of almost identical bottles from a bottle supplier from whom I get many kinds and am usually very satisfied. To my surprise, many of those were dented right out of the box and had other issues. But these from Bramble Berry were all in great shape, have a lovely sleek look, and have not failed me in the least! One piece of advice I'd give is to be careful to screw them tightly, but evenly, and to take one's time, or else you *might* strip the lid. Overall, this is the best price I've found on these bottles anywhere, and I'm completely satisfied! Please keep carrying these bottles, lest I have to begin my search again!

Verified Purchase
Best Price I have found but not the best quality

Brambleberry offers the best price on these bottles. Anywhere else they are over $50.00. I do like these bottles but they seem to dent pretty easy (which does not look good when you are trying to sell lotions) and they also seem to leak some out of the pump. I wish I could give these bottles a higher rating. I ordered 50 of them and I am on my last ten. Not sure if I will order these again.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Rachel! I'm sorry these bottles weren't your favorite. In our tests and recipes we didn't experience any leaking, as seen in this Argan Oil Shampoo tutorial. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!