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I love this product and have been using it for years. I’m now using it at 60% for Hair Conditioner bars and the fishy scent never comes through to the finial product (thank goodness!!) BB: would you consider offering it in 5lb bag?

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Excellent product! I used it to make hair conditioner , creams , lotions . Every time work great without giving me a problem. No separation, no smell in final product. Highly recommend this product.

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Expensive and finicky but you can't make conditioner without it

BTMS is one of the most finicky emulsifiers. It also smells awful and is very expensive. And they just raised the price $5 more. However, once you develop a conditioner recipe you love, BTMS or a conditioning plus emulsifyer is an absolute necessity.

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We were trying this for the first time in our body butter, and it ruined the whole batch. The fishy smell is so overpowering that I can't even stand to use my own product much less sell it. I tried using different scents to see if that would help, and even attempted using a different ratio in a separate batch. Nothing worked. It is terrible. I will not be getting this again.

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Smells awful

BTMS 50 and this bag smells completely different than the first bag. This one has such a horrible fishy smell that is coming thru to my final product. I made lotion I used BTMS 50. The batches I made with my first order are fine but the batches made with this latest order has a horrible fishy smell to the final product. My lotion was ruined and I can't sell it. I'm very disappointed.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That's strange, our Btms-50 Conditioning Emulsifier has always had a very strong fishy smell to it. Though we have not found the scent to come through in our final products if used at 15% or less. Fragrance or Essential Oils should easily cover the smell. If your lotion is unscented you may want to use a lower percentage, like 6% or less.