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Couldn't be without it...

Great product at a great price! My first order of this had no smell at all but my second order of it was pretty shrimpy smelling in the bag but don't worry it doesn't smell in final product:)! I use it in my conditioner bars and body butter bars and love it! Thanks♡

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5 Stars

i use this in my hair conditioner and lotions. Gives a soft and silky feel. It's a good detangler.

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SomeTyme Place
Wonderful product

I just started using this in my almond lotion recently, and I can't believe what a difference it makes! The lotion has a smooth and almost powdery feel to it. The absorption factor is great. The only negative is that it smells kind of stinky out of the bag, but this doesn't carry over into my products. I am really excited to bring my lotions to market this year!

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The Best

I only had to use a coditioner made with Btms-50 once and I will never use commercial conditioner again. Love it!

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Divine Indulgence
Best hair conditioner EVER!!!!!

I first made Brambleberrys conditioner about a year ago and havent bought store bought conditioner again and never will. Along with the bramble berry shampoo base it makes your hair silky smooth.