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Don’t need much pigment - stays true

I was making cranberry pomegranate cold process soap 56 oz total batch yield. My intent was to tinge the base with enough pigment for a pink color, then add more pigment to about 16 oz of that base for a deeper color and swirl. I added 1 t to the base but realized immediately the color was going to be much darker so I kept the soap at one solid color. It is a beautiful burgundy and a day’s cure did not change the color at all. Next time I will add only 1/8 to 1/4 t. To base, then about 3/4 t. To 16 oz of that to swirl for contrast. But color is beautiful .

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Stained my skin

I was so excited about this, it gave me the exact color I wanted for my bath bomb, but it completely stained my skin even about exfoliating and showering I'm afraid my skins going to be this color for a long time, it was also all over my bath tub I had to give up scrubbing it for a bit because my back hurt so bad, I'm really hoping it comes off. I was expecting some residue with such a dark color but nithing like this.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry you had that experience. We love the the Burgundy Pigment, though it is a super strong colorant and it would take a lot of it to make a bath bomb mixture a dark burgundy color. While they're not burgundy, see us test out darkly colored bath bombs in our Black Bath Bombs: A Cautionary DIY blog post. You can see that dark colors can be messy in bathtubs. We normally recommend using the La Bomb Colorants which are specifically designed for bath bombs. Pigments like this one can leave residue, so the La Bomb Colorants work best!

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exactly what i wanted

i followed soapqueen TV instruction and i put the needed amount in isopropyl alcohol then i colored my clear base soap with it.

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Fabulous color!!!

I just used this in a Cranberry Chutney CP goat milk soap and the color is stunning!!! 2 wks. in, it is getting even a little darker and is just a beautiful shade of burgundy! I'm now going to use it in a Raspberry lip balm and can't wait to see how it turns out with that!

Not Burgundy... a strange mauve/pink

I ordered the pigment sampler which contained this in it. I followed recommended usage rate exactly as it is stated in the description. I assumed that the photo of how it turns out in CP soap would be the same usage rate that is recommended. Apparently my assumption was incorrect because it looks nothing like the photo. In my CP, with Brambleberry's recommended usage, my soaps (after gel) were a weird mauve/pink color (not even close to the deep burgundy shown in the photo). I was using this with Green Chrome Oxide and TD for a Christmas soap... in my area, I can't market it as a Christmas soap if it's mauve. It definitely isn't because of my recipe, as it is the recipe I always use, and have used other companies oxides at the same/similar rates resulting in beautifully vibrant colors. This was quite disappointing.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Mandolyn! I'm sorry this colorant wasn't your favorite. We've found it creates a nice red, as seen in this Red Apple Cold Process Soap. To get the color in the photo, we mixed 2 tsp. color in 2 Tbsp. sweet almond oil. Then, we added all of that dispersed color. I'll be emailing you personally to help troubleshoot!