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The best smell ;love it

Used it in a scrub, will use it now in body butter. One of their best scents

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My best seller

This is my most favorite BB scent and by far my best seller. To me, it smells like fresh cut grass and sweet roses. It clean, crisp, and makes me think of Summertime. In cold process, it behaves very well, no discoloration, no acceleration.

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I have had this FO in my wishlist FOREVER and just kept deciding on others when it was time to order. Well, I finally got around to grabbing this one and MAN do I wish I would have got this months ago!! I absolutely LOVE this scent. It's light, fresh, clean, and green with just a touch of smooth sweetness. It's really beautiful. And it soaped so wonderfully! I had no problems with it at all. I love this so much than I may not even sell all of the bars, I might be keeping some of them aside for myself! If you're on the fence about trying this one, BUY IT!

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Ahh man!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this fragrance when I purchased it. I am so happy I tried this fragrance. It smells fresh and floral as described. I've used it in a body butter so far and it smells heavenly. I haven't tried it in CP soap yet but I plan to! Would highly recommend to others.

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What a Delight!

I often buy fragrances for which I have no clear purpose in mind, and sometimes, they turn out to be favorites. This soaped beautifully at 115 degrees F., and it's light, frssh, and clean smelling. I couldn't be happier.