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What a Delight!

I often buy fragrances for which I have no clear purpose in mind, and sometimes, they turn out to be favorites. This soaped beautifully at 115 degrees F., and it's light, frssh, and clean smelling. I couldn't be happier.

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Soaps Wonderfilly!

This FO behaved wonderfully in my CP soaps and it smells divine! It is light and unique fragrance - Perfect for some fun summer soaps!

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Cactus Flower

LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE! I chose it for a release set and I do not regret a thing. Very fresh with some sweet. I may be the only person to say this, but soaping at around 80degrees F, this actually seems to slow down my CP soap! I made a soap right after this loaf and it’s almost ready to unmold. Meanwhile, this batch (with CF) is still so soft! Same recipe, same soaping temps. Not a complaint at ALL, My very complex design is flawless! Really enjoyed working with it and the scent is so strong!

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Buy this Fragrance

Outstanding is what this is. Even if you hate florals your customers will lose their minds over this one. I used it to make M&P, Lotion, and Whipped Body Butter. Sold Out. Bonus Points for being a beautiful scent. Really. Beautiful.

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Just what I was looking for

Purchased this "sight un-smelled". WOW! Customers love it! I'll be back soon for a larger bottle. The only "cactus" scent I found in all my suppliers. Glad you have it.